Monday, May 24, 2004

The Lake Part 3

It was a week ago that I had that glorious day at the lake. I walked and talked with Adam. I praised God on the shoreline for the way He was blessing my life. I thought things were moving forward. Adam even later told me that he considered us a couple and he wasn't going anywhere. All the while I thought things were moving forward, in reality they were digressing. Adam was having second thoughts while still treating me as if we were indeed moving forward. Maybe he was just trying to convince himself. I don't feel like he deliberatly deceived me. I think he deceived himself and it just fell over on to me in the process. Apparently, the relationship that I thought was founded on God...was quite the opposite. It was nothing but deception of the heart on both our parts. I think we both were hoping for something...wanting something in our lives that just wasn't there.

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