Monday, May 24, 2004

The Heart

The heart is decietful above all things...Pay attention! I thought I was following God. I knew the heart was decietful so I refused to believe that I was letting it lead...but, it did. Even though I prayed so hard all day every day that I would follow God and not let my heart take off on me...even though I thought I was keeping my feet on the ground...I was experiencing a fairy tale come true or so I thought(I was swept away quickly) was decieving me. Fairy tales don't come true. This is life. It's cold, hard, and heartbreaking and we can only hope for the joy that comes when we are in eternity with God. That should be my focus...not on things that are romance. I thought God was giving me plunder...I praised Him for His mercy and blessings...but all along, even though it all seemed so right...I knew. I knew it was only temporary because that is just the way life is. I waited for the bottom to fall out and it did. I think I have regressed in the healing that was accomplished over the last 4 years. I am not well.

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