Thursday, May 20, 2004

I Didn't Have To Be So Rude!

My last customer this evening brought his CD to the check out. He kind of tossed it to the counter ranting "that is a ridiculously high price for that CD!" I thought to myself, yet, you choose to buy it. We get that kind of comment a lot at the store, and frankly, I get tired of it. I figure if you don't like the price, don't buy it. That's what I do.

Anyway, I responded jokingly "Well, I don't set the prices, I just work here." and he replied sternly "I didn't say you did, you don't have to be so rude!".

I said nothing, I thought about apologizing for coming across "rude", but then I thought, wait a minute, HE was the rude one...not me! So, I said nothing. I finished checking him out, he left without his receipt and defiantly threw the bag on the floor as he walked out with the CD.

I guess he showed me!

Some people.

I had a rough day with customers today. One nicely dressed gentleman came in and asked for the jazz music. I asked if he was looking for a particular artist and he said he didn't know the name, but the song was called "Deep". I asked if it was a new, a current, song? He said "Do you have the jazz person here?" I said, "no, we really don't have any jazz expert on staff" and he shook his head and said "Do you have anyone here who knows anything about music?" and I answered, "yes, that would be me" and I probably would be considered the only one on staff who knows a little about jazz. I was as good as it was gonna get for him! He shook his head side to side with a bit of a smurk. Now, I was somewhat offended by his previous comment and his non-verbal expression, but I continued to try to help him. He would say "I don't know if it's new honey, I just heard it about fifteen minutes ago, and I've heard it a few times over the past couple of months baby." I really don't appreciate the "honey" and the "baby" talk...especially when I've already been insulted once.

I asked "are there vocals in it?" and he said "no, that would be pop music. This is jazz baby, it's jazz." I guess jazz doesn't have anyone singing ever. Hmmmm, glad to know that. Somebody, quick, tell Billy Holiday, Diana Krall, Peter Cincotti and any other jazz vocalist that they sing pop music!

I asked, what instruments are prominent in the song? (I don't like using the word "song" because a song is a piece that has words, so he established already that there weren't any vocals, therefore no words, so it's not a song!) but I continued to forge ahead. He said "I don't know baby, 98.9 would know. Call them." I asked "what are the call letters?" and he didn't know that either. "They're out of Memphis, call information." I was getting perturbed but called information for him. I gave him the radio station number, but as I have learned, it is very rare to talk to a person anymore at the stations, and as I figured, he got nowhere with that. I tried looking up the song title "deep" on the computer and cross referencing it with all "jazz" titles, but two-hundred or so titles came up and since he really had no clue what he was looking for, that got me nowhere as well. I did all I could do to help him, but he just needs a bit more information to go on. He was very agitated with me, he made that obvious, and I did nothing but exhaust every resource I had to try to help him. Grrrrrrrrr. Frustrating!

Then there was the dude who came in and said "you know that Mario Winan's song 'I don't Wanna Know'?" I said "yes" and then he asked "I'm looking for a song and it sounds like that." *eyeballs rolling in the back of my head*

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