Thursday, July 29, 2004

Rockabilly, Rings of Fire and the Secret Service

Jackson, TN is home to the Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame.  This is not very interesting to me personally, but to the people around here it's a fairly big deal. 

I got a call from a fellow trumpet player who has been getting me lots of gigs, but this one may be the topper...or at least it is one right up there. 

Apparantly the original members of Johnny Cash's band all live around this area...or, as they say here in the south, 'round these here parts.   They are reuniting next week to play in the Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame Music Festival and happen to need a couple of trumpet players to join them on Ring of Fire.  I jumped at this opportunity! 

Ring of Fire is a classic and I get to play it with some of the musicians that helped make it a classic!  Woohooo! 

This is even more exciting than playing for the Vice President of the United States in 1999 when Al Gore came to IA and gave a speech, a loooooooooooong, booooooooooooring speech at the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown.  Doing the whole Secret Service thing was interesting though. 

What I remember most about the Secret Service was that we had to load up our instruments on a bus the day prior to the event.  I hate that because I like to be "attached" to all the stuff I know I'm going to need for a performance.  In marching band I always had my spats, gloves and hat with me at all times...I was always prepared!  Anyway, I didn't like the fact that somebody besides me was going to be handling my "baby", my horn.   They had to run all the horns through their "scans" or whatever they did to them before they set them out on the chairs we'd be performing in.  We all had to be patted down before we got in line to go into the venue and we had to follow the line single file to the performance area.  We could not detour at restroom break at all!  This is not a problem for me because I have an unnatural fear of using public restrooms, but for the poor flute player it was trouble because she really had to go...I mean really, really had to go!  And that was before we played, and before Gore's loooooooooooooooooong, and booooooooooooooooooooring speech.  I felt so bad for her. 

I remember entering the performance hall and all of the instruments were set out in their appropriate place and all was well.  I remember sitting in the hall thinking about the fact that we weren't really checked all that well and that a nut case could easily pass through all the stuff to get in and create havoc by doing something stupid, like attacking Gore or something.  Anyway, I guess all those guys in suits with the ear pieces are trained to look for the nut cases...might explain why the one guy kept staring at me.  Only kidding!  LOL

So, that was one neat thing to come from being a, I have another!  Woohoooo! 

Burn, burn, burn!


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Running Ragged

Today was one of those days where it seemed like I was working so hard, running ragged, and accomplishing very little.

Today is prep for new release Tuesday. I spend all day receiving the new CD and DVD titles, I prepare them by putting all the necessary stickers and such on them, I get them ready to be signed on the sales floor, and then at close put them all out.

Earlier my DM mentioned on the conference call that he would be visiting my store actually since its 1:30am. That was NOT good news. My store has a bunch of loose ends that need tied up and tidied up before that visit, but I DON'T HAVE TIME! I didn't start to panic, but business today was rather brisk. That is a good thing since traffic is returning after the abduction at the mall in May and then the shooting in June.

Anyway, the crazies were out today! We were selling tickets left and right and it just seemed that people were extremely "needy" today, more than usual. They asked many time-consuming questions and knowing how much I needed to get done made me a bit impatient. My associate and I tried to remain calm, but it seemed like we were on candid camera or something with some of the off-the-wall questions and requests we were getting! LOL

We were breathing heavy and sweating we were working so hard! The phone wouldn't stop ringing and it was like we were running in place!

At one point I was attempting to find a specific show for a woman and was having difficulty looking it up on the computer. I apologized for taking so long, and it started to just become funny to me. It was ridiculous that I had yet another time consuming issue with all I had to get done tonight. I started to laugh. My associate was wondering what was going on with me! She said "Are you losing it?" LOL I had to put the phone down because I was laughing so hard! I did finally get the woman her information and apologized for taking so long and she was laughing at me laughing so hard! LOL

Finally we had a bit of a breather. About ten minutes before we closed my associate and I happened to be at the counter when a man approached. We asked what we could help him with and he asked "Do you have an Scandinavian imports?". Danielle turned to look at me and we both started cracking up! The guy had no clue why that question was so funny, so I had to explain that we've just had a real interesting night and someone asking about Scandinavian imports was the LAST thing we expected! LOL

Oh, I am glad tonight is over, but now I need to go in early in the morning to try to clean up the store a bit before my DM arrives. BAD TIMING! It's too hard to get ready for a visit on a Monday when everything else needs to get done too!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Parent's Room Poll

The results are in...I lose!

It seems more readers do not have a problem with kids in the parent's room than do by a margin of 11 to 5.

Donna, Susan, and Katie agree that the house is a home and children are welcome everywhere in that home.

While I do not strictly forbid children in their parent's room, I do think that the parent's room should be regarded as a respite for the adult. I do agree that the house is a "home" and along with that means access to any part of the house, but I disagree that the bedroom of any individual in the house is a place anyone and everyone should always be welcome. Permission should be required to enter a parent's room.

I believe that there is/are a place(s) for children in the home, and places for the adults. Children need to learn to respect the privacy of others, and that would most likely be respecting the "personal space", or room, of the parent. Without permission, a child should not be allowed in that room.

Just as a sister shouldn't trapse through their brother's room and play in it, nor should the child create a play area in the parent's room.

Many adults have dens, or offices in their homes that are off limits to children and I believe that is perfectly acceptable because there are important things in those rooms that are either personal, or are important documents that would risk being ruined if children were in there unattended.

Again, I don't think rooms should be forbidden to any child in their own home, but I do not think that the parent's room should be considered a play area like any other part of the home. They should be required to get permission before entering that room, just like I myself knock at the doorway to the kid's room. It's courteous and teaches children to respect the privacy, and the personal space, of others.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Spontaneous God Day

Katie and I were on our way to an "Art in the Park" event. It was going to be her acting debut, as it was planned to be a "preview" of the upcoming play "My Fair Lady" that Katie has a supporting role in. The actors/actresses were going to play out some scenes to advertise for the show coming up in the first week of August.

Unfortunately the downpour fifteen minutes prior, cancelled the event. Katie and I then wondered what we should do. We were hungry so we decided to go out to dinner at Ryan's. I never turn down a chance to eat out!

After dinner we headed over to Lifeway to check out some bible studies. We have been wanting to find one that would help lead us through our "God days" that we try to set aside each week. We don't want a study that is too in-depth because I am already working through the Blackaby study Experiencing God. Plus, life is already jam packed with stuff.

Katie picked up a study about the first and greatest commandment. She loves the verse in Mark 12 to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." She "preaches" about this all around the house and it's what she tries to live by. It is true that if we could follow this commandment, that all others would fall into place.

We liked the look of the study and that is is set up as a 40 day plan. Each day has a bit of reading and discussion to do, which is perfect for us! It is called Extreme Love, the Greatest Commandment, and is a study published by Lifeway.

We purchased a couple of more books for her kids, a box of chocolates because life is like that, and the study. We didn't feel like heading home just yet so we went to Seasons, a new coffee and cafe place. When we got there we were surprised and pleased that there was a band playing. We sat at a high table and ordered some java and conversed as we listened to the band play.

We then started in on the Extreme Love study. After reading the first intorductory type paragraph, we had to answer the question: Recall a song from your teenage years that had the word "love" in it? I immediately said "I Love Rock & Roll", the old Joan Jett tune! LOL Katie thought about the Minnie Riperton song "Loving You" and I said "gag! I've always hated that tune! She likes it because of the birds singing throughout the song and that it just sounds so happy. Ok, whatever.  I'm convinced that there are parts of that song that only dogs can hear!

We started to reminisce about a bunch of "love" songs from our youth and really had fun doing that. The next question had us think of hymns or choruses that use the word "love" and we had to compare and contrast that. That is easy for a Christian to do, but I asked Katie to tell me the difference and explain it to me as if I were a non-believer. It is difficult, if not impossible, to explain the difference between worldly love and a Godly love, and the Bible teaches that concept in I Cor. 2:14.

So, there we sat in the cafe, sipping coffee, with the music being performed and people enjoying their own conversations, doing our bible study. It was fun! It was spontaneous and Katie just shines anytime she can brag on her God. It's amazing how beautiful God is, and it's even more amazing how His Presence enhances the appearance of his children, like Moses come down from the mountain. You should see how Katie lights up when she starts talking about her beloved! Her smile gets so big that it's contagious!

So, we decided that part of our God days from here on out could happen at Seasons cafe. We are most excited about the opportunity to study God's Word there, and to have a regular place for God days. The other neat thing is that one of my former employees, who now I can simply call friend, will join us at times for conversation, discussion, and study. Woohoooo!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Parent's Room Poll

Don't forget to vote in the Should kids be allowed to play in their parent's room poll.

Purse Repair

At this moment the shoe repair guy in Humboldt is fixing my purse. He says it will just be a temporary fix...but I don't care. I'll be so happy to have my purse back and I'll keep looking for a replacement so when it finally is ruined beyond repair, I'll be ready.

I'm thinking I have an unhealthy attachment to my purse!

What Do You Remember From School?

I took this quiz:

MSN Encarta - Quiz - What Do You Remember From School?

and scored 8 of 10 correct. I could kick myself for one of the ones I missed...must be because it's past my bedtime and my eyes are moving back and forth really fast.

How did you do?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Good Financial News


It looks like my house payment will be lower when I refinance. Not a lot, but $40 will help.

Also, I will soon be switching my auto insurance and it looks like my cost will get cut some too! Yippee! It pays to not have accidents or get tickets, and have a good credit rating. I won't get too excited until I sign on the dotted line though!

So, this stuff will eleviate at least some financial burden on me. This is a good thing. Now I can invest in my private jet.

I Hate My New Purse

I really do. I hate my new purse. I think I will still try to have the shoe repair man repair my purse...a snap here, a stitch there and viola'! Like new!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Poll

Katie and I disagree on something and she, as usual, thinks I'm the weird one.

Should kids be allowed into their parents room to play? There are obviously personal items in a parent's room, and children do like to explore, let alone the mess they will most likely make in there.

Kids lovvvvvve to play, and sure do have fun playing around in their parent's room...there's just something that makes it even more fun than their own room!

So, what do you think?

Please vote in the poll, and if you have anything to add, use the comments section.   Thanks!

Is it acceptable for children to play in their parent's bedroom?

Free polls from

Pines of Rome

I got some snail mail today from the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.  It appears that my trumpet playing is needed for the program in September and also for the Christmas Pops Concert.  Woohooo! 

When I saw Resphighi Pines of Rome on the program for this concert season, I was holding out hope that I'd be invited back to play the off-stage part...and I was!  I performed this piece in college at the University of Akron School of Music at EJ Thomas Hall.   I remember during rehearsal, before we realized that there was such a delay problem, that the conductor was VERY upset with us.  Red-faced, shaking his baton and on the verge of a rampage he yelled something up to us.  He was German and spoke with such a thick accent that I really had no clue what he was yelling, but I knew it had something to do with our "performance".  We all did the best we could to adjust to the delay and anticipate the beat so we sounded in synch with the orchestra and apparantly did okay since we didn't get screamed at too much after that.  It is not easy to play ahead of where it sounds like you should be!  Pines of Rome is a beautiful composition and I will really get to wail at the end!  Woohooo!

Listen to the last part of the piece:

Pines of Rome     (Respighi "I Pini della Via Appia" from "Pini Di Roma"  Philedelphia Orchestra, Ormandy)

I never realized how spoiled I was attending that school in Akron.  I really had nice facilities to perform in.  Jackson has the Carl Perkins Civic Center, but it's not really impressive, in fact it's kind of dumpy.  Even a look at the outside doesn't say much about the building.  I always get upset at the way Jackson doesn't seem to appreciate the arts and have nice facilities for groups to play in and audiences to attend.  The "Ned", is a decent place where the community band recently performed, and where Katie will be making her Jackson acting debut in My Fair Lady, but it's a very small venue.  It is also across the street from the Greyhound bus station...I just think that is weird, that it's not located in a prime location in the nicest part of town.  Jackson just doesn't do a wonderful job of supporting the arts which is why it is not easy to get top name performers to come to town.  It is very exciting that Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan will be in town to play at Pringle's Park, our minor league ballfield which is one very nice place for the Diamond Jaxx to play.  I hope Jackson supports that at least!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nicaragua Mission

At SaLT group tonight, the people from Northbrook who went to Nicaragua on a mission trip last week shared about their experience.

When asked about the most memorable experience, a few shared about "the dump". This is a large garbage dump that people live in. Everyday people scrounge around in it for food, so do the animals...cows, and whatever else. It was a moving experience to watch these people and animals, with every rib visible through the skin, dig for food in "the dump". People live there! Under rocks, in all the filth! Yet, when one of the missionary pastors comes each week, he has them laughing and singing and playing games, like running in sack races. Yes, he gives them some food too, but he makes unannounced visits so that the townsfolk don't plan to come to the dump to get the food too. The food is for those who reside in "the dump". Nicaragua is a very poor country and hearing the stories makes me feel very blessed to have been born in America.


See some pics of "the dump":   (I image Googled for these links.  Some of the pics seem to be from professional photographers, so I just linked to them, rather than snag them.)


Stephen Petegorsky

Field Visits


I was reminded about a site I was pointed to by Tony awhile back, maybe a year or so ago. It was interesting to see where I rank in the world as far as wealth. I think you will be surprised too.

Go see how rich you are!

Global Rich List

Peter Slept

Have you seen the videos released by the kidnappers/terrorists in Iraq?  The tapes of the prisoners pleading for their lives?   I've read that their pleas are desperate and heart wrenching at times.  I have not seen them myself, but I can imagine the emotional intensity of the situation.  I am thankful that I have never been placed in circumstances to have to plead for my life.


Our message at church today was from Act 12 and Paul, our pastor, made an interesting comparison between the prisoners in Iraq pleading for their lives, and Peter, who we read about today. 

Acts12:6  "The night before Herod was to bring him to trial, Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains, and sentries stood guard at the entrance."

In his message Paul noted that Peter was sleeping.  He explained the the word used for "sleeping" in the passage actually means a "death sleep", because Peter had resigned himself to the fact that he was going to die.  Peter was at peace with God.  Peter had placed his life in God's hands and was comforted in that.   Peter, about to be executed for his faith, felt so at ease that he was able to sleep!  He was sleeping while bound to two soldiers!  That blows my mind!  We don't read about him pleading for his life...we read about him sleeping!  Sleeping so deeply in fact that an "angel of the Lord" had to wake him and Peter had no idea what was going on.  He figured he was seeing a vision or something...I'm thinking he thought he was dreaming and was probably running around pretty groggy at first.  Remarkable!


So, the Christian Church has been persecuted since its humble beginnings.  Many were put to death for their faith, and this still happens to this day in some parts of the world.  It is amazing that Christianity flourished through all the persecution, which in fact, some argue, actually gave it even more momentum to spread. 


I am blessed to live in a country that allows me to worship God.  I do see evidences of subtle attempts to persecute believers as our rights/privileges are slowly taken away (subject for another post someday - probably from Katie!  LOL), but God willing, America will never execute people for what they believe.  

It Is a Sad Day

Today is a sad day.


I've had to do something, and it wasn't easy.  My watch broke and so has my purse. 


Time for a new watch.  Why is it so difficult to find a watch?  I'm not too picky.   I just want this watch: 


... only slightly smaller like a ladies watch should be.  Can't find one.  So, I've been wearing a men's watch for years now.   Katie laughs because when I get all fixed up for the symphony, I have this big huge man's wrist watch on!  LOL  She also finds it bizarre that I wear it with the face of the watch on the underside of my wrist.  She tells me it's backwards, I don't see why it matters.  Hey, it tells time...that's what I need!  I figure many women wear big gaudy least the band on my wrist has a practical function!  Today, I bought myself a replacement.  It works.


Then the other tragedy of the day was my purse.   I have specific things I like about my purse.  I like it small.  I like it to fold open so that I have easy access to my ATM card and that my license can be kept in a window that is visible to people when they ask to see ID, which, unfortunately rarely occurs.  It's unbelievable that I can use my card for a large $$ purchase, and my ID is not requested.  Bothersome.  Anyway, my purse must also have a nice pocket for my sunglasses that is easy to get to...usually the cellphone pockets on purses these days work really well for that.


So, my search for a purse had begun because I wore my other purse out.   Velcro not keeping outside compartment closed so I kept losing my sunglasses.  Strap base pulling away from purse.  The biggest problem was that the snap that held the purse closed fell off and therefore my purse was not secure.  Not a good thing.


I searched for a purse the other day and didn't want to settle.  I decided to take it to the shoe repair person in town, but he was closed.  I have taken other purses and had them repaired, but it can't wait.  I decided to settle and bought a purse.  Maybe I will grow to like it, but right now I am settling.  I hate settling. 

If You Come in Looking Like That...

You probably won't get the job!

My assistant does most of the interviewing for open positions. If she likes the person, I'll do a second interview...sometimes.

The other day she had called in a young man to interview him. He came dressed in oversized pants, that didn't even look clean. Shirt hanging out all over. Looked like a thug.

It was obvious that this person was not serious about getting a job, or if he was, he was going about it all wrong.

She wanted to get out of wasting her time on this and asked me how. I said ask a few simple questions and be done with it. I told her I bet she could be rid of him in two minutes, so I timed it!

46 seconds later the interview was done!

She said that he had a booger on his face!

Moral of the story? If you have a job interview that lasts less than a minute, you probably didn't get the job.

...and wipe any remnant boogers off of your face!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Concert at the Ned

I had a concert with the Jackson Area Community Band tonight at "The Ned."  It was a patriotic concert and the audience seemed to enjoy it.  The concert started out great!  We were playing very well and during the national anthem, I got chill bumps as I listened to the audience singing along.  Wow!   We kept the momentum until the last few tunes...we just didn't gel for some reason.  It wasn't bad or anything, just not "tight".


After the concert band, our quintet played.  We refer to ourselves as the "Filet Quintet" jokingly because at rehearsal once last year, our very hard of hearing tuba player was verifying the place in the music we were starting at.  We were starting at DS al fine.  (al fee-nay)   Charlie kept saying "huh?  HUH?  Filet?"  LOL  We laughed so hard at that!   So now, Lori, the french horn player, Connie the other trumpet player and I greet each other with a fist pump and shout "FILET!"    I don't know why...we just do.  It's all in fun!  So, we call ourselves the Filet Quintet.

If least it's original!


I'm really hoping that the guest conductor we have tonight will decide to continue on and be our full time Community Band Director.  He did a great job with us in only three rehearsals and it is exciting to think what we could accomplish under his direction for an entire season.  I hope he'll do it!


Got some pics sent to me...the quintet.  I'm the trumpet player toward the back, next to the tuba player.



Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Business Trip and Alone Time

I returned last night from a business meeting in Decatur, AL. It was my first trip to AL. AL doesn't appear to look much different than TN, except for a few more lakes and least in the areas I've seen.

I enjoyed my alone time in the jeep as I drove down. I listened to some talk radio and "Wire" the new Third Day CD. Good CD, I'm really enjoying it.

When I arrived at the hotel, I went to my room and played around with the tv. Since I only have one channel at the house, it is a real treat to surf through all the channels available to me at the hotel. I quickly realize that I don't miss tv and that there really isn't a lot of quality programming available to watch, but I keep surfing anyway.

Then my "roommate" arrives and is very friendly. She is a fellow manager. The managers in my district have been around awhile, and so we all know each other. She said to me that the DM is asking that we all meet in the lobby at 7 so we can go to dinner together. We were planning to eat at the restaurant near the hotel which was exciting to me because it is Logan's...yummy! Steak!

We all meet and walk over to the steakhouse. Unfortunately, the party in our reserved room is not leaving. The restaurant greeter explains that "they have been there since 5:00 and won't leave" so we are going to have to wait. I was a bit irritated because we did have reservations...but, oh well, just like in retail, things in food service don't always go smooth.

At 7:30 our RM says "Ok, break up, go wherever and expense it." So, we all broke out of our big party and went our seperate ways. Very separate for me...I am just me. Nobody chose to hang with me, which is cool. So, I just headed out to find a place to eat. I drove around awhile and didn't really see anyplace that interested me. I was very disappointed the Logan's thing fell through. Well, I just picked up a coke and some chips at a convenience store and went back to the hotel room.

When I walked into the room, I noticed a drawer was left pulled out of the armoir. Curious. Then I noticed that my roommates luggage was gone. I thought yay, I'll be by myself! Strange that she didn't leave a note or anything. I checked the closet to be sure, and yes, her things were all gone.

Later on I noticed that in fact she had left a note on my bed. "Sue, it's Chris' birthday and we are all going out to celebrate. We will get in late. Donna didn't make it so I'm going to sleep in Chris' room cause I don't want to wake you." I thought cool! I'm by myself for the night!

So I watched some tv. Stopped for awhile to work on my Experiencing God study in which the chapters I'm studying now are all about how God reveals His plans to us. I'm enjoying it immensely.

I finished that and kept channel surfing until 2:00 am! I did get interrested in some shows. One was Court Tv and a program about "Cold Cases", I watched a bit of "Trauma" about real life ER visits, and some video footage of "Wildest Police Chases". I also watched a spot on the O'Reilly factor about Rap Music, Has it Gone too Far? Seems there is a bit of a debate over a remix of the song Confessions by Usher. Joe Budden has added some rap lyrics that are really quite offensive and some anti-abortion people are really taking issue with it...and they should. So should many more! Hear are the questionable/objectionable lyrics:

...Pray that she abort that,

If she's talkin' 'bout keepin' it,

One hit to the stomach,

She's leakin' it...

I agree, those are disgusting lyrics, but then again, I would say that many lyrics in the rap genre are objectionable, but that's a topic for another post.

When I awoke in the morning, I headed to IHOP for breakfast. I read through USA Today and enjoyed my quiet morning and breakfast. When I left, I headed back to the hotel. While on the road, I started to really realize how weird I am.

I thought about the note that was left for me telling me that my roommate was going to another person's room and that they were all going out to celebrate a birthday. I thought most people would have been hurt by that. I wasn't invited to the party! My roommate bailed on me! AND I AM HAPPY!

I started wondering if I am more weird than I originally thought. Why do I so much prefer being by myself?

Then, at lunch, I noticed that when we all got our lunches, that I took mine to my jeep. I turned on the AC and sat in there listening to the radio and eating. I thought, there! I did it again! I withdrew and found a place off by myself! After I finished eating, I headed back into the hotel toward the meeting room. I was thinking all the way back in that people must really think I'm weird. That I'm always off by myself. But, that's where I'm happiest! When I went back in, I joined up in some "shop talk".

It was time for the meeting to reconvened so we all headed back to the meeting room. Many were already seated, so I found a seat and sat down. My DM said "Sue, you broke the barrier! You 'crossed the line'!" He was making note that I was the first person to sit next to somebody outside my district. I introduced myself to Melissa and looked around the room. It was true, the managers from my district were on one side of the room and the other district was on the other side. Now, I think that is weird. I guess that I am such a misfit within my own district, that I didn't even notice that I wasn't sitting with them! LOL

All the way home I was worrying that I was isolating myself from society. When I returned home, Katie gave me a big hug and was glad I was safely home. We sat on the swing and talked last evening and I shared that I am so introverted that I am isolating myself from society. I said "I am weird." and she said "yes you are, but I love that about you!" LOL

Katie reassured me that even though I am introverted that I "do enjoy being around people, (I am) just selective." She affirmed this by reminding me that I love SaLT group and my bible study classes. I am involved with all my bands and ensembles. I enjoy the people I work with, and for Pete's sake, I am in a customer service business. So, I am not isolated from society at all! Whew! I was scared there for a moment! LOL

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Rants of a Retailer

Ok, I've had it!

I'm sick and tired of the same hassle, the same ignorance every single day!


Customer: "I wanna return this CD because it is "nasty and dirty" and I don't want my kid listening to it."

Me: "I'm sorry, I am all out of the edited version of the CD. Would you like to exchange it for something else?"

Customer: "NO! I f***ing don't want nothin' else! I don't want my d**n kid hearing no f***ing bad language!"


Me: "I'm sorry, I can't refund open product. I can exchange the item for the same thing"

Customer: "oh, I know, it's because I'm black!"


Me: "Why do people use this store as a trash can?"...(not to mention the time a teenage boy used it as a bathroom!)


Me: "I'm sorry, your qualifications do not meet our needs at this time." (This is a response to applicants after having unsuccessfully completed a phone interview/assessment that is a pre-screening for employment.)

Applicant: "I know I have the qualifications! What's wrong with my qualifications? I know, it's a colored thing."

(Yes, I'm sure, the phone tones accurately determined your race.)


A young teenage girl drops her drink onto the sales floor and walks away. She is with a friend, and they are apparantly shopping together with a parent. My associate is cleaning up the spill and the same girl approaches with "excuuuse me...(I HATE that tone when some people say it, it's rude and prissy)...I'm trying to find such and such CD."

Associate: "I will help you in just a moment" as she is obviously cleaning up the mess the girl left.

Girl: "Well, if you can't help me, I'll go elsewhere!" and turned to meet up with mom, and left the store.


I watched an 50-something, black man break open a CD case and attempt to steal it. I saw this happen. He saw me see it happen. I watched him closely for the remainder of his stay in my store.

He approached the counter to pay and I stood at the entrance to the store. I was standing there in hopes that if he had stolen something else, he would trigger the alarm and I'd be right there to apprehend him.

As I stood in the entrance way, I looked for mall security. The man was visibly nervous and yelled from his place in line "hey, HEY! What are you doing?" I told him I was standing there watching people in the mall.

Then the man approached me and said "what are you doing?" I told him nothing that concerns him. He then said "Oh, I thought you were calling for security or something."

(Wonder why he would assume that?)

I asked why I would need security? and he said "I dunno, I know how you folk are. I know how you are."

In truth, I do make it a habit to call security for THIEVES!


Why do so many people lack common courtesy to clean up a mess they made? Why are so many people ignorant to the fact that it is illegal to steal, and when you catch them, it's not MY fault, but THEIRS! Why do people not see that the language on a CD isn't going to effect a child as much as the language in the home? Why am I accused of being racist every single day simply because I can't refund open product? or because I can't sell a ticket to a sold-out show? or because I watch people I happen to catch stealing? (Truth be told, I've had more white young men arrested in my store over the years, than black.)

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It is sooooooo frustrating dealing with such an ignorant public!

But, then, there are those neat customers that just brighten my day when they come into my store.


"Thank you so much for finding that CD for me. It reminds my of my husband. He just loved that song. He passed away recently. I miss him."


"Santa is going to be good to you this year because of all the work you have put into my special orders."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for fixing this CD! OHHHHHHH! I just thought it was ruined forever! It's my favorite CD and I was heart-broken when you said it was out of print! Thank you!"


"Are you married?" LOL


Retail is tough. It is often so rewarding, but then there are those moments I just have to rant! There! I feel better!

Sonic Boom

This is cool...a picture of a sonic boom! I didn't know you could see them!

-=-Photo of a sonic boom -=-

Got this pic off a forum at OSF.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New Updated Pics

I hate having my picture taken, but since Nikki was visiting and she is enjoying her new digital camera...what the heck?

So, here are some of the pics:

Katie and Sue in the living room: (click to enlarge)

This is a headshot of Katie that I cropped off a picture. I think it turned out well!

This is Sue. I was cracking up when we took this picture because I was being silly. It's what I do!

Now you will see why I was cracking up. The headshot of Katie above was pulled from this pic. I call it "My Left Foot". LOL (click to enlarge)

and...last, but not least...

This is a picture of Pig. The framily guinea pig. We call him Pig.

A big thanks to Nikki for the fun day and the pics!

What's Wrong With This Picture?

For those of you who like to solve puzzles...

What's wrong with this picture?


I sure have been a bit unmotivated at work these days. I don't really know why. It actually could be because it is the first time in, well, possibly for as long as I have been a manager that the store is under control. I finally have a staff that takes some of the load off me. There are always things to do, but the pressure is really lifted. I am so blessed.

For years the workload was more than I could bear, and I had such staffing issues, that I was always overwhelmed with eight things to do at once. Now, we have tasks completed and things are running smoothly, except of course for the occasional abduction or shooting at the mall.

With things under control, there are actually times that I have to come up with things to do! I used to long for those moments...But, now I am doing it! Of course, I should probably cut hours, but that store really needs a cleaning and alphabetizing needs done all the time. It's nice to have the problem of having to come up with things to do, rather than run around wondering how the heck I am going to get everything done.

With things done, I am feeling unmotivated. It's like when you get to the top of the hill, where do you go next?

I'm not implying I am at the top, because I have ways to improve the store and make it even better. But, it sure is nice to stand on the "bridge" as "captain" and look out over the "ship" and fold my arms and say to myself "ahhhhh, this is good" and then I think...I wanna go home and play since everything is under control here!

A good manager surrounds himself/herself with good people.

It took me awhile, but it's done.

I've got good people!

Now I'm going to go play!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


While I was driving home from rehearsal tonight, I was listening to some upbeat classical music. I had the windows down and the sky was lighting up with lightening behind the storm clouds. I had the radio blasting and it seemed as if the lightning was dancing to the music. It was so AWESOME!!! I could hear all the different instruments doing their part and how it all came together so beautifully. It made me wish that I could play every single instrument in the orchestra at the same time!

Sunday, July 04, 2004


In my "counseling" with a dear friend/mentor she suggested to take a personality assessment. I have fun doing this sort of thing and as expected, my personality was determined quite accurately.

Katie then decided to find out what her personality traits are.

It was an interesting, but not surprising discovery!

Sue is: ISTJ

People of this type tend to be: cautious, conservative, and quiet; literal, realistic, and practical; careful and precise; logical, honest, and matter of fact; resistant to change and comfortable with routine; hard working and responsible.

The most important thing to ISTJs is being of service, working hard, and being responsible.

Katie is: ENFP

People of this type tend to be: enthusiastic, talkative, and outgoing; clever, curious, and playful; deeply caring, sensitive, and gentle; highly innovative, creative, optimistic, and unique; adaptable and resourceful but sometimes disorganized.

The most important thing to ENFPs is freedom to see possibilities, make connections, and be with a variety of people.


I hate spending a lot of time on this kind of stuff, and so I found some "quick tests". The longest one was maybe 25 questions long and took just a few minutes to complete. I wanted to take a few different ones to see if they would match and sure enough they did, so I'll take that to mean that the assessments were fairly accurate. We took the "tests" from these places:

  • Enneagram

  • Hale Online

  • Personality Pathways

  • Similar Minds
  • Thursday, July 01, 2004

    Celebrating the Underblog - 2004

    Celebrating the Underblog - 2004 is a "movement" started last year over at the Living Room.

    Last year I had the distinguish honor of being named "a quality blog that deserves a bit of extra attention?" and a "blog that some wish others knew about." YAY!

    This year I nominated some underblogs and I recommend you do to. Just follow the link above and post a comment there about the underblog you wish to nominate! It's a great way to find new reads too!

    Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

    From Psalm 139:

    13 For you created my inmost being;

    you knit me together in my mother's womb.

    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

    your works are wonderful,

    I know that full well.

    15 My frame was not hidden from you

    when I was made in the secret place.

    When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

    16 your eyes saw my unformed body.

    All the days ordained for me

    were written in your book

    before one of them came to be.

    I have a friend who asked me one day "what does it mean to be fearfully made?"

    The question caught me off guard a bit. I thought for a moment and answered that in the Bible, when the term "fear" is used, as in "fear God", it does not mean be afraid of God, but it means to revere God. I surmised that being fearfully made means that God reveres us, His creation.

    Now I have been pondering if that is a good interpretation? I'd be happy to hear from anyone who may have another idea about what it means to be "fearfully made"?