Wednesday, May 26, 2004

God Day

YAY! A God day! Finally!

Katie and I used to set aside one day each week for a "God day" as we called them. Basically, it was our Sabbath. Each Wednesday I would take a day off and we would plan a day at Pickwick.

We would start out the day loading up Chuck, my truck, with blankets, Bibles, books and music. We would head on out and stop for breakfast along the way at Linny's. They had great hashbrowns, and hashbrowns determine where I eat breakfast! Anyway, after breakfast we'd stock up on some snacks and drinks and then head on down to Pickwick.

Once we arrived we'd usually find a nice place to spread out our blankets and just sit there. Sometimes I'd nap in the warm sun, Katie would walk along the river's edge, all the while enjoying God's creation. It was so enjoyable, just to sit and listen to all the sounds of nature and feel God all around. We'd always find time to pray and then it would be time to study. Usually we had a Bible study in the works that we'd do, but other times we simply read scripture and discussed what God was teaching us through the verses. It was such a great time to spend with God and He always blessed us.

After a wonderful day of prayer, praise and study, we'd head home, pick the kids up from school and then do dinner. After dinner, all of us would head on to church and await more of God's teaching there. Those were the days!

We haven't had a "God day" since moving to Humboldt. The sad part is, we moved here just about three years ago! Ugh! The insanity!

I can tell I haven't had a "God day" in awhile. Boy, has my spiritual life suffered from not heeding that simple principle! REMEMBER THE SABBATH AND KEEP IT HOLY!

The events over the past few weeks have left both of us somewhat reeling. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for both of us. The interesting thing is that Katie's extreme high was my extreme low, and now tables are turned slightly. What all of it has taught the both of us is that we have lost sight of what is truly important, and that is our individual relationships with our Savior.

So, today was God day.

We have said all the while we've lived here that we need to find a place to have God days. I know that God is everywhere, but there is something about going off somewhere, away from the chaos of normal, everyday living, to help calm the soul and be able to listen to the still small voice of our Creator.

Well, after three years, we found a lake nearby. It's just a fishing lake, but it's decent and will be a great place to simply wander off into the wilderness and maybe even take a boat out onto the lake and do some Bible study. It's no Pickwick, but it'll do.

We didn't have our Bible's with us at the lake when we stopped by it, but we lingered awhile listening to some of our favorite praise tunes in Jeepers. We walked along the dock observing the waves on the water's surface, and listening to it lap on the shore. It was enjoyable and nice to be out enjoying nature.

We had to leave because I was going to go to the doctor, and Katie's daughter had a dental appointment, but once we converged at home again, God gave us a God day.

Katie headed out to the swing with her Bible in hand. I asked if I could tag along and she was fine with that. The swing sure has seen better days! The squirrels have stolen most of the padding from the seat of the swing for their luxury condos in the treetops of the backyard. Oh well, as long as the swing will hold us, we shall swing! Swing to the Lord! LOL Oh, got carried away!

Katie and I pondered over the last few weeks and talked about a lot of heart stuff. I so enjoy the communication she and I have as sisters in Christ. You know, there is something very significant about relationships between's something non-believers just can't comprehend. I know this, I was once a non-believer and friendships just weren't the same. Anyway, Katie began reading about Jesus feeding the five-thousand. We stopped now and then to discuss the verses. Katie started journaling some of the revelations she was getting and I can't wait for her to share them all! It is such a cool experience to be in God's Word and have Him begin to reveal things about Himself that were, until that moment, undiscovered. Wow. The Bible really does come alive!

I pondered about Jesus creating "wormholes". For real...check this out...

John 6:20-21 "But he said to them, "It is I; don't be afraid." Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading."

Do you see it? Jesus got in the boat and immediately the boat reached the shore. Somewhat reminiscent of "beam me up"! Was it actually immediate arrival after Jesus got in the boat? or did it just seem like it? Maybe they just enjoyed His company so much, it seemed like their time together ended too fast, like the Women of Faith Conference of two weeks ago...I enjoyed myself so much, it seemed like it was over in a matter of minutes! The other gospel accounts do not mention the immediate arrival, but it was still something fun to think about for a few minutes. When you are dealing with an Eternal being, it is no wonder that time loses some meaning.

We were on that swing contemplating God and His ways for hours. It was so neat! It was so needed! It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue!

God day.

God created it. Exodus 20: 8 "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy."

It is good.

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