Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Miss Virginia's Magnolia Tree

Cheri, Katie's dog, is frightened fairly easily by loud noises. During thunderstorms she is usually found beneath the largest pile of blankets in the house, or hiding at our feet shivering uncontrollably in fright.

Last night while alone, I heard some loud cracking pop noises, similar to firecrackers, but I had not heard the sound before. I made note of the time (7:32pm) and always say to myself...just in case the police investigate the time of the shooting. (It's just one of those things I do.) I heard maybe a total of four of those pops throughout the fifteen minutes following and Cheri was shaking and cowering at my feet.

I told Katie about the incident of strange sounds when she came home last night and nothing more was said about it.

Then, this afternoon, Miss Virginia, an elderly neighbor lady, called and wondered if we had heard any firecrackers last night. Katie said she hadn't, but then I reminded her that "Yes! I did!" My curiosity was piqued now because Miss Virginia is the "go to" woman when you want be in the know with the happenings in the neighborhood. (Wow, neighborhood is a difficult word for me to type...weird.)

Come to find out, the noise was indeed firecrackers...AND MISS VIRGINIA WAS SETTING THEM OFF!

Do you remember that scene in Steel Magnolia's where in preparation for the wedding, the father of the bride was shooting his gun at the tree to scare the birds away? Well, it seems Miss Virginia is having the same problem with birds in her magnolia tree!Magnolia Tree

Miss Virginia's magnolia tree is HUGE. As you can see in the picture, the thing takes up her entire front yard! Apparently, that magnolia is the choice condominium for the birds of Humboldt, TN.

I've noticed when I've come home from work how loud those birds are. Miss Virginia has noticed too! She is being kept awake at night by those birds, so yesterday, she called the police! Yep! The police! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since the police do have experience with scaring birds away.

The police armed her with those "firecrackers" which aren't really firecrackers, more like flares that shoot off and make loud cracks and pops. The are safer for the Miss Virginia's of the world to use to shoo away birds from magnolia monstrosities I guess.

Anyway, Miss Virginia is calling everyone in the neighborhood to explain the loud noises. Hopefully, this little scheme of hers will work and she will be able to get a good nights sleep soon.

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