Sunday, May 21, 2006

Do Angels Sing?

From the archives:

I've always thought that angels sing. Then I tried to prove it biblically. It's not easy to do! It's one of those things we assume about the bible. (Kind of like the 3 wise men...they were not there immediately following the birth of Christ, they came into the picture a few years afterward!)

Are angels "morning stars"? If so, then Job 38:7 would indicate that angels sing. But, that's an interpretation...kind of a gray area. Then in Revelation 5:9-13 it appears that angels sing because they are included in "every creature in heaven" I figure, and will be "singing".

Hmmmmmmm? I wonder about the original Hebrew and Greek texts? In my Internet research I found this at Clarifying Christianity: Note: different Hebrew words—ranan and rinnah—are used for the “singing” of inanimate objects, instead of shiyr and zamar—the words normally used for human singing in the Old Testament.)

Although there is a lot of singing going on, it is interesting that the Bible never states that angels sing. Yes, many Christmas songs have lyrics indicating that the angels sang when Jesus was born—and we suspect that angels have the ability to sing. Still, it is interesting that the Bible never actually reports that angels do sing.

Note: the text in some English translations of the Bible contain verses stating that angels sing, but they are poor translations of the original Greek word lego, which means “to say” or “to speak.” Typically, this happens in Luke chapter 2, verse 13 and in Revelation chapter 5, verses 12 and 13.

It's probably going to have a lot to so with the translation you read and your interpretation. I prefer to imagine angels singing, but it would ruin my theory that God is tone-deaf. (How can he stand to hear me sing praises? I'm a star in the car, but you really don't want to hear me singing at close range! LOL) I know I know...God is perfect, so how could he be tone-deaf? Well, I'm not tone deaf and notice I sing bad. LOL Others are not tone deaf and notice I sing bad. How can I sing praises to God and let it be bad?...either He is tone-deaf, or He works a miracle. He has a "miracle ear" or something and by the time my praises reach Him, they sound good! Sorry...I digress.

Check it out for yourself...Do Angels Sing?

I may sing bad, but I play a mean trumpet!

(orginally posted 11/18/02)

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