Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blog Explosion and The Battle of the Blogs

This is mainly for people surfing in via Blog Explosion. I'm curious...what factors do you use to gauge which blog you choose to vote for in a battle?

I've set up a poll and invite you to participate by checking the factors that are important to you when deciding who wins the battle. Check up to five of the most important areas you feel you use as part of your decision making process and if anything, this poll will effectively eat up your 20 seconds of viewing time.

Thanks for participating!

Remember, check up to 5.

Battle of the Blogs

What determines which blog you vote FOR in the Battle of the Blogs?



music/video on the blog

bells and whistles (blinkies/clocks/buttons/banners)

complexity of the layout/navigation

simplicity of the layout/navigation

optimistic and positive tone

pessimistic and negative tone


blog category (sports/business/religion/parenting)

humor and fun

all business and no play

There are some blogs I will ALWAYS vote for/against because I love/hate 'em

I don't care, I just wait 20 secs to get the credit for voting

I read and examine them to try to choose the best blog as I see it

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