Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've Been Asked to Teach

Someone who knows my former background as a band director came into my store and told me of an opening in his school. When the position became available he thought of me.Band Instruments

I told him I've let my certification expire and I didn't plan on going back to teaching, that I enjoy my career in retail management.

I enjoyed teaching and believe I was good at it. I think my students learned some things and hopefully have carried some of those "lessons" into their adulthood. I often remember back and wonder how some of them are doing.

I left teaching when I was laid off due to budget cutbacks. Why is it always the "arts" that get cut first? Anyway, that summer I continued searching for a teaching job while I worked at Camelot Music. I interviewed in a few places, but was not hired so I continued working in retail and found that I really enjoyed it, so I decided to stick with that and have worked my way up the ladder into management.

This past weekend I was asked by my SaLT Group leader to teach some lessons this summer as we study the Gospel of John. I am humbled to have been asked, but I replied "My spiritual life and my heart is not in the place it should be for me to be in front of people teaching anything."

I've been struggling as of late.

He told me, "well, sometimes I have found over the years that when I have to start digging and preparing to teach, that it helps me overcome spiritual dryness."

He doesn't understand that my issue isn't just spiritual dryness.Desert Tree

I don't know what it is. It is more than dryness. I hate it.

Katie and I are going to restart the Beth Moore "Believing God" study that we stalled on about 3/4 of the way through. We kick-restart today. I hope refocusing on Him, and getting into His Word more will bring me forth from the desert.

I just thought it was weird that back-to-back I was asked to teach.

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