Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Factors that Determine Battle of the Blogs Winners

Now for the results you have all been waiting for.

*cough* Well, *ahem*, the results you, one brave reader, have been waiting for:

Battle of the Blogs Poll

The biggest factors that decide winners are that a blog has interesting and engaging content and that it looks good. Content slightly edges out layout in importance, which is encouraging, but the whole "look" thing explains why I lose battles. I don't have a fancy layout. The sister's have a plain template, because I LIKE PLAIN! I am plain! I like plain! I like my burgers PLAIN! I like my chicken nuggets without any sauce, in other words, PLAIN! Less is more!

Then, as indicated by recent polls, it is interesting to note that some people will always vote FOR specific blogs and AGAINST other blogs. What happens if there are two blogs battling each other that you have always voted AGAINST? I must admit, there are some blogs that I always vote against too, and they are usually blogs that I find offensive. My bet is that there are some people who will always vote against Christian blogs because they can be equally "offensive" to some.

People tend to favor blogs that convey an optimistic and positive tone. That is encouraging! So, then, why do I see so many blogs that are definitely NOT optimistic and in fact, downright disparaging and filled with rant after rant winning battles?

Blog Explosion Battle of the BlogsThanks for participating in the poll. It was only for fun and to get some insight as to one's mindframe when picking which blog wins. It is in no way a scientific poll!

Battle on!

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