Monday, May 22, 2006

Create Your Own Radio Station

I found this really cool website that creates your very own personalized radio station of sorts. You tell it what bands or songs you like, and it starts playing a bunch of music that is stylistically similar. It is neat! It is very helpful in discovering new bands that you may have never heard of, and/or gives you the opportunity to check out a band you are curious about. You can play around with it a bit and really narrow down the type of stuff you are looking for too.

Check out Pandora! It's fun!

It's almost like being your own DJ and you get to create the playlist. You can share your "station" too! Here's mine! Yep! SLP (my initials) Radio!

I wish there were a way to specify genre, because I'm particular about the type of music I will listen to, I don't want anything foul, and this is why.

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