Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Isn't it cool how music can take you back in time? I can hear a song, and immediately I am transported back to a certain time, sometimes to a specific time and place. My friends have made mention of the fact that I can usually announce the exact year of the song playing "yeah...I remember that! It was the summer of '78 and I was always playing that on the jukebox at the lake"...you know...stuff like that.

I remember my first album. Oh, how I would sit and listen to the music and examine Andy Gibb on the front cover of "Flowing Rivers". A lot of people may remember Andy Gibb for his second album, "Shadow Dancing", but his first album was the best. No disco, just smooth, soft rock and borderline country. I think Andy Gibb was my first celebrity "crush" (Lee Majors came later) and I would sing "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" to him! LOL I'm back in front of my stereo at the old kitchen table that was moved into the basement. It's where I spent a lot of time growing up, at that table playing my records, looking over all the album cover art, reading the liner notes and devouring every lyric.

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The other music I frequently flashback to would be most of what I listened to during my high school years. I love the band Rush...all that music coming from just three guys! I was always so facinated with the lyrics and drumming of Neil Peart too. Good stuff. "Moving Pictures" was my first Rush album, but I loved it so much, especially "Red Barchetta" and "Camera Eye", that I picked up all their prior stuff too. I think their early stuff is better, but I'll always enjoy their sound.

Pink Floyd, "The Wall", had all high school students singing the anthem "We don't need no education...". Boy, were we stupid. Good thing we got an education anyways! I also remember playing the thing backwards trying to decipher the backmasking.

"Heard it from a frieeeeend whooooooo, heard it from a frieeeend whoooooo, heard it from another...." was so catchy off "Hi Infidelity", REO Speedwagon's best album. "Take it on the Run" and "Keep On

"...the Internet and the IPOD is killing the album concept altogether."

Loving You" were the sappy radio friendly hits off that thing, but my favorites were "Don't Let Him Go", "Tough Guys" and "Someone Tonight". I have a knack for getting bored with the radio hits, and my favorites always end up being the other tunes on the album. I played that album over and over and over because it is so good all the way through. That's why I've never been much into singles and I think the Internet and the IPOD is killing the album concept altogether.

Journey, "Escape", another album that takes me back to high school. "Don't Stop Believing"...wow...I'm right back in my sophomore year, in Biology class. I hated Biology. I don't want to be here...aaaaaaauuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhh! "Stone in Love" was one rockin' cut off that album and I remember singing screaming "Lay it Down" at the top of my lungs. Steve Perry cranked out higher notes that my female throat could muster! "Mother, Father", "Dead or Alive" were two of my favorites off this album, but the title track "Escape" might be my top pick from this one.

Wow, flashbacks are fun!

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