Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One Channel

We do not have cable or satellite tv. This means that the only tv we watch are movies we rent/buy or whatever happens to be on the local ABC affiliate WBBJ. On a good sunspot day we sometimes can see a little bit of Channel 16 and I have no clue what or where that comes from.

This is an actual quote of a neighbor kid yesterday as Justin changed settings on the tv to get the VCR working:

"Wow, you sure have a lot of channels for not having cable."

The kid was being serious.

I laughed...yes, all ONE channel. Sometimes two.

Amazing, growing up we had five stations that we could receive. It seems like there was more to watch on tv back then. Matter of fact, most of the channels there are to choose from on cable tv these days, actually run the old shows we used to watch on those five stations way back when!

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