Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Neighbor Kid

One thing I can't stand, I mean, literally can NOT stand is the screeeeeeetch of a metal fork against a dinner plate. I cringe. My teeth hurt. It takes me a minute to gain my composure. It is a most awfully wretched sound that, OH, I can't even think about it to blog it!

Tonight, we had a few guests for dinner and at one point Katie's utensil scraped against her drinking glass. I cringed. I grabbed at my teeth. I attempted not to fall out of my chair in reaction to that horrid screeeeeeeeeeeetch. One guest is the seven year old neighborhood kid.

After the incident with Katie's drinking glass, we all had a good laugh at my reaction. The 7 yr old neighbor kid wanted to freak me out again and so he grabbed his fork. Justin, Katie's son, quickly thwarted his attempt and snatched the fork out of the neighbor kids hand. Mind you, we were in the middle of eating dinner and Katie didn't realize what was happening. She scolded her son and said "Why did you just grab his fork and lay it down on the table"? Justin said "he was going to scrape it and freak Sue out" and then the neighbor kid said "oh, I didn't even know I had a fork."

Kids, they really can be clueless...we had been eating for ten minutes! LOLOLOL and the kid never realized he even had a fork to use until it was intended for use as a weapon!

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