Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Kids = Destruction

Last year Tiffany did a cartwheel in the kitchen and put her heel into the door which now has a sign hanging over it labeling it a "Holey Door".

A neighbor kid wanted to try to pick the lock on Katie's car with a stick and broke the driver side lock that we haven't been able to fix yet.

Tiffany slammed the front door and the ornament/chimes fell off and broke.

Kids are rough with the blinds in the windows and they have broken and needed replaced.

Today, we came home from breakfast and the backdoor has a giant hole where a glass panel used to be. There are still some jagged edges of glass there.


So, I decided to remember how destructive I was as a kid, so I wouldn't be too upset.

There was the time I decided to "key" my dad's car with a rock. Ohhh, that was NOT good!

And the time I was snowblowing the driveway and got a little too close to one of the parking blocks. I had already hit the thing and it was obvious by the noise and dad came running out of the house to tell me not to get too close. He was late with the warning. I'm sure he was not happy about that incident.

I think once I was playing with the hood ornament on the Chevy Caprice Classic and broke it. No matter what I did the thing would not stand up straight.

I guess I did my share of stupid things too.

Got any "destruction" stories to share? Leave them in the comments please.

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