Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Adding to the Blogroll and Various Other Things

I've added to my blogroll after trimming some abandoned blogs or blogs I wasn't reading often enough to warrant them staying in my roll. Usually the only time I remove a blog is when updates don't happen frequently enough for me. Give me a couple of posts a week at least.

Some of these blogs I happened by while using some of the new Blogger features that crosslinks bloggers with similar interests. It's been fun finding some new reads and I thought I'd pass along some links for those of you looking for something new too.

  • Christian Reflections
  • Crystal offers her thoughts on Bible teachings. Part teaching, part devotional, part thought provoking.

  • Isaiah 61
  • Donna is a happily married grandmother of five, six if you count the dog. Her writings are full of life's happenings, some good, some not so good, but through it all her faith is unshakable. I find her writings to be very encouraging.

  • Sarah's Stuff
  • Sarah is a 23 year old college student who has a little bit of everything over at her blog. Lyrics, poems, essays on life and she also journals her experiences. It will be fun to follow this blog I think.

  • Working On It...
  • 21 year old Jason is majoring in Elementary Education and has a profound love for God. His thoughts on life experiences are interesting and ponderable.

    So, there are some new places to visit and I'll have fun checking back at those sites as well.

    I added a Google search to my site. It helps when I try to find posts that I know I've written and can't seem to find. It's a feature I use at times on other blogs, and I have used the Pico Search on mine for awhile. I finally found the code for the Google Search and like it much more!

    Update on the A/C at work...it started working on its own. It was nice and cool when I went in this morning. The A/C repair guy can't figure out why it quits and starts on its own. Aliens I think. He's got it hooked up to an EKG or something now to "monitor" it. I just love that the repair bills are coming out of my budget, when so far, nothing has been repaired! This is the third time I've had the dude come out to "fix" it!

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