Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ask God to Reveal

I'm going through the Experiencing God study right now. This study is excellent! I've completed once before, as well as started it a second time, and now I'm doing it again. It really is helping me to focus on renewing my love relationship with the Lord.

Anyone who has done in-depth Bible study with a workbook knows that at the end of each days study there is a phrase that says something like "Review today's lesson. Pray and ask God to identify one or more statements or Scriptures that He wants you to understand, learn, or practice."

Sometimes when I get to the end of the lesson, I understand the point and really can't share about what I just learned. I already had learned the principle being taught and this was simply a review for me. Is it possible to do a study and not have anything new revealed in a chapter here and there? I believe there is always something to learn from studying scripture, but is it possible that during one part of the study, there isn't something new to gain for someone who already understands a certain particular principle?

So, I sit there frustrated that I am not really responding to a lesson. I guess I need to recall the principle and put it into practice!

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