Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flashback to the Old Days

Sue and Lynn crusin'
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It's been kind of a downer being back home in TN. I had such a great time in Ohio that being back here feels like a letdown, just like the day after Christmas or something.

I guess right now I am feeling a bit "stuck". Being home in Ohio, made me long for the "old days", you know, those days where fun was king and responsibility was next to null. In those days I wasn't doing much thinking about the future, or how all the bills would be paid, or how decisions I was making now could effect my life or the lives of others. It is not that I was ever overly irresponsible, but I was a kid once, and sometimes I want that time back again!

I want the biggest worry of my day to be I hope Lynn's mom will let her go to the movies tonight, or I need to study for the civics exam, or when is Gram gonna make the next batch of beaten bisquits? Ahhhhhh, those were the days.

Come to think of it, those civics exams were pretty big stressors. I guess in twenty years, the things that are making me feel "stuck" today will be what I look back to as "nothing" and will long to return to again.

I wonder if Jesus ever reminisced about the "old days" and asked "Hey, Ma, remember that time you and dad took off and left me in Jerusalem, and left me alone for three days?!" or "guys, remember when that wedding celebration in Cana started to wind down and a little bit of wine jumpstarted it? Yeahhh...those were the days!" It bloggles the mind!

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