Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Home!

I was so excited to leave work and start my trek home yesterday. Not only was it exciting to be coming home to Ohio, but I was also excited to spend some time with myself, alone, in my car.

No distractions. Just me, my jeep and the road.

I left late afternoon and had a goal to reach Louisville, where I'd find some place to rest and sleep overnight. I had no reservations anywhere, I just planned to pull off at anyplace to find a hotel.

I drove and drove and loved every minute of it! I listened to some Family Force 5 (which is great happy music and great to drive by!), listened to some talk radio, and some outstanding messages delivered by Pastor Sipe. Oh baby they were good messages! I finished listening to "The Noah Code II", his message "Why don't we celebrate Pentacost?" and another great one on "Transformation." I love the passion Pastor Sipe has for God and for other's to come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. He is a delight to listen to, not only because of the intelligent teachings, but because of the fire and passion he has to spread the gospel message.

After reaching the Louisville area, it was close to 9:30pm and it was a good time to find a place to spend the night. I pulled off at one exit and turned the wrong way and wasn't finding any of the places the highway signs said would be there, so I got back on the highway and started up 71 N until the next exit where I stopped off at a Holiday Inn Express. I went in to the hotel clerk and she only had rooms with two beds, and the cost was more than I wanted to pay, so I asked her if any of the other hotels in the vicinity were cheaper. She was kind enough to direct me to the Best Western where "they are nice and a little less expensive than we are", she said. Then she added "just don't go to the Days Inn, they've been condemned and are scheduled to be burned down next week, and they are still renting out rooms!" I said "no, I had a bad experience at a Days Inn once, and I should have known at the time it wouldn't be good when the 'y' and the 's' were missing. I stayed at 'Da Inn'! LOL" Well, I headed to the Best Western and it was a good stay and reasonably priced.

I had fun being alone, yet I did chat with Katie on the phone some. I was having some dog boarding problems. Apparantly my dog, Whyzer (weezer), is co-dependant. BAD! Bad co-dependant and he just was not very happy about staying with my friend Carol. Katie said "I've had to leave the house at midnight for kids before, but never for a dog!" (We were letting Whyz spend the night at my friend's house to see if he would adjust, because Katie is also out of town this weekend visiting her mom in Arkansas. ) It became evident that Whyz was too stressed out being in an unfamiliar environment and being without me, so Carol is kind enough to drop by my house twice a day and hang out with the Whyz. I'm so blessed to have the friends that I do.

Since I don't have tv at home, beyond the one local ABC affiliate, I do not watch tv. Being in a hotel is somewhat of a treat for me because I have a tv to watch with a remote and everything. For two hours I laid on the bed flipping channels never finding anything worthwhile to watch. it seems everytime I check out the tv during hotel stays I am reminded that I don't need tv.

I finally went to sleep around 1am, but I was now in EST time, so I had lost an hour, it was really 2am. Oh well, I had travelled an hour longer than I thought I would, so I'd sleep until whenever, then get up and go! Woohooo! So, this morning, I got up, showered and left!

The best part is that I am travelling alone and I'm totally on my own schedule. I had to wait for no one! I LOVED IT!

There are advantages to being alone!

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