Monday, June 26, 2006


I have really enjoyed my vacation thus far. It is so nice to get away from work and even to just be out of my own home for awhile. I am getting some quiet and peaceful rest at my parent's house this weekend and it is nice.

You know, I've been able to see some old friends this weekend and play "catch up" and that is nice and I have really enjoyed it, but most of all I've enjoyed sitting around not doing much of anything.

My parent's have a quiet existence here in Medina, OH. There's a swing out front that is nice to sit on and sway while reading or simply watching life pass by as kids roll by on their bikes and adults are out excercising with a brisk walk. Some pet owners are walking their dogs and other's are working in their yards.

Dad likes to watch tv so I've been sitting in the living room watching some with him. I enjoyed watching the Indians play this evening and in the 7th they are leading the Cardinals 9-2, yay!

Gram spends much of her time reading and doing crosswords, just keeping her mind sharp and I am just astonished as to how she can answer all the Jeopardy question, or rather, question all the answers! She blew me away in Wheel of Fortune too tonight!

Mom plays around on the computer some, checking email and playing Suduko, and so I often meander to see what she is up to. We sit and chat for awhile and it is such a blessing.

I'm really getting some rest and it feels good. I've enjoyed my time alone during my long drive here and I'm also enjoying the calm environment of my parent's home. Not alot goes on here, and sometimes I say it is boring, but this time I have tried to embrace the inactivity and enjoy just lounging around. I can honestly say I'm happy doing that. I love my mom, dad and Gram, and I have really enjoyed just being around them.

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