Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home - Friday

After waking up and showering I was able to leave in a very short amount of time. That is the neat thing about traveling alone...I'm on no timetable and I have to wait for no one at all! Woohooo!

I headed for Ohio, traveling up 71 N and within about an hour and a half I crossed the border and was in Cincinnati. I was enjoying listening to the radio and my Flyleaf CD. It was a somewhat rainy day and I was hearing reports on the news of the terrible storms that had left two people dead overnight. One 16 year old was killed in his tent when a tree branch fell on him while camping, and a firefighter was drowned rescuing two other teens. Dad told me to bring the rain with me since it had been very dry in Ohio until that point, but I don't think he meant for me to bring the wrath that struck overnight.

I really didn't run into too much heavy traffic, although things did get a bit squirrely around Columbus. I was getting very anxious to arrive in Medina, and finally, at around 2:15 I was here!

Medina, OH has grown considerably and so much new commerce has sprouted up everywhere along with huge residential areas and new subdivisions. I got to Medina alright, but once I turned off a main road, I was so disoriented and got lost. Traffic in Medina can easily cause road rage because it clogs easy on the narrow, lane-deprived streets. It never fails, I kept getting in the "wrong" lane which would force me to turn off and when I thought I was on my way, I would only end up "lost" again. I don't know how I managed it, but I finally pulled in to my parent's drive at 2:45 or so. I was home!

It is so good to see my parents and Gram! It has been about 2 years!

I had a great time talking with them yesterday afternoon, and the steaks off the grill for dinner were a real treat! Yum! After dinner, Mom and I went out to try to find a USB cable for my digital camera because I had forgotten mine at home in TN. Drat! We can't find one that will work and I was hoping to upload some pics to Flickr today...because today will be a major event for this family! We are having a small "reunion" with many friends and family stopping in to celebrate my parent's 45th wedding anniversary, my dad's, gram's and my own birthdays, and whatever other reason we can think of to celebrate!

I'm so excited to see these people which will include my god-parents, my best friend from high school, friends from church when I was still home here in Ohio, my sister and her husband and little 3 year old Pilar. Woohooo! It's gonna be so fun!

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