Monday, July 03, 2006

Caller ID

Recently I noticed that incoming calls were no longer being identified by caller's name on my caller ID. Not even my own cell phone was identifying me by name, when I know that it used to, so I contacted Bellsouth about this.

Today I received a reply from Bellsouth. They explained that the fact that I was at one time able to see callers identified by name was because there was a trial period worked out with wireless carriers that allowed for names to be displayed with the incoming number. Now that the trial period has ended, all I can see on the caller ID is a phone number.

I replied back because I pay for a caller ID (NAME and number) service, and asked "what is the point of having caller ID service that won't ID cell phone callers by name, when 90% of the calls these days are from cell phones?"

I haven't heard Bellsouth's reply to that yet.

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