Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot and Ready

When people go to the bank drive thru, it's usually because they need to make some type of financial transaction. When people go to the pizza drive thru they usually pick up a pizza. But, who ever heard of going to a bank drive through and making a pizza drop? ME!

Today, I went through the drive through to make a deposit into my account. As the teller was performing the transaction, she noticed I had a "hot and ready" pizza from Little Caezar's in my car. She commented that she loved the "hot and ready" pizza and that she had it for dinner the previous night. She said it's great for somebody on a budget. It told her that they do have great prices and then, I told her I'd be glad to deposit a slice in the drawer. She just laughed (as if she wasn't taking me seriously). So, I got out a slice of pizza, and put it on a deposit envelope (I didn't have any napkins). Then, when she gave me my receipt, I took out the receipt and deposited the pizza. She pulled the drawer in, and while laughing hysterically, she picked up the slice of pizza and thanked me as she took a bite. I just smiled, said you're welcome and waved as I drove off into the sunset.

I did something today that I've never done before. I deposited pizza at the bank. As we drove off I smiled as I listened to the praise of my son when he said, "Mom you are the coolest mom, ever! You are awesome! I love it!" What can I say? Who knows me more than my own kid?

I've had some really funny experiences at drive thru windows. I think this one takes the cake. Or should I say, pizza?

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