Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lynn and Sue

Lynn and Sue
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Mom organized a reunion of sorts to celebrate a number of things. One thing we celebrated was my homecoming. We were also celebrating landmark birthdays in 2006 as later this year I will turn 40, Dad turns 70 tomorrow and Gram will be 90 in the fall. That's a lot to celebrate! Another thing to note is that today mom and dad have been married 45 years! Woohooo!

I shared in the previous post about how my dad met my mom, and I retold that story to the gathering today and it was a huge hit!

I got to see my god-parents who I haven't seen in seven years, and Dee, a very close friend of the family. I saw people I once went to church with eons ago when I was in high school and college. My sister drove up from Columbus with her husband so I had time to chat with them and with my niece Pilar. I met some new people and had a good time all around.

One of the biggest treats was that Lynn, my best friend from high school, came too! Wow! We've managed to stay in touch every now and then over the years, but it had been three or four years since I'd seen her. She came up for the homecoming celebration and we had a blast together! In fact, we went crusin' and drove back to our old high school, reliving some memories and sharing a bunch of laughs. It was just like old times...well, all except for the fact that it is so easy to get lost because so much has changed! Amazing how one can get lost in an area that we once knew like the back of our hands!

I really had a wonderful time today, so thanks Ma!

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