Monday, June 26, 2006



I got to go to Swenson's! I got to go to Swenson's!

For years when I've come home to visit, getting a burger at Swenson's was something I have wanted to do. Unfortunately, Swenson's is closer to Akron and the drive is a bit out of the way. Today, however, Mom and I made our way over to Montrose, and placed an order at Swenson's.

Swenson's, is an old-fashioned drive-in. When you pull in and park, it is necessary to turn on your headlights to let the carhop know you need attention; to get a menu, to place an order or to ask for more ketchup. The carhops literally run to service their customers so the place is abuzz with carhops dashing to and from cars and shouting orders into the kitchen. When they come out with your food, a tray is hooked on to a partially opened driver-side window.

Swenson's, while it's look has been updated, the food is just as I remember it. I love the cheesburgers! Yum! They have a "sweet" taste, (from a special secret formula) like no burger from any other place I've eaten. Sonic, the drive-in around my area in Tennessee, has nothing on Swenson's!

Swenson's burgs are absolutely delicious, so if you are ever in the Akron, OH area, I urge you to check out Swenson's. Wow! What a treat!

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