Thursday, June 08, 2006


Noticing that Katie's cellphone case was empty, I asked her "Where is your phone?"

"In the bathroom".


She noticed a my coffee cup on the counter near the kitchen sink and exclaimed "I washed the dishes earlier, why is this here?!"

I explained, "I went to rinse it out, but there was a carpet in the sink."

Then Katie remembered something and said "that's okay, the kitchen chair is in the backyard" and then pointed out laughingly that the "lawn chair is here in the kitchen".

So we catalogued these items that were obviously displaced:
  • cellphone in the bathroom
  • carpet in the sink
  • kitchen chair in the backyard
  • lawn chair in the kitchen
That gave us a good chuckle and then when she went to bed, she yells "WHY IS THERE DOGFOOD IN MY BED?!"

  • dogfood in the bed
Believe it or not there are reasonable explanations for these displacements!
  • cellphone in the bathroom: Katie was chatting while cleaning the shower
  • carpet in the sink: Katie got bleach on it while cleaning the shower and rinsed the rug out in the kitchen sink.
  • kitchen chair in the backyard: Katie was cleaning the chair cushion and it was outside drying in the sun.
  • lawn chair in the kitchen: I have no idea why there is a lawn chair in the kitchen, but it is very useful there!
  • dogfood in the bed: Katie's dog prefers "take out" I guess. She grabs a mouthful of food from her bowl, travels to Katie's room, hops on the bed, spits out the food for a feast. I guess the dog missed a kibble or two! Weirdo.

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