Sunday, January 29, 2006

Update on Holly (AKA Phone Call You Never Want to Receive) 01/29/06 AM

Holly, the daughter of one of Katie's best friends, was involved in a car accident last evening. Driving in a Pontiac Sunfire, she pulled into traffic on the bypass and was hit broadside by an SUV. She was knocked unconscious at around 7:00 PM last night, thirteen hours ago, and still has not awakened, although doctors have upgraded her condition.

She has head trauma, rated at a level 9, a moderate coma, which was upgraded from a level 7 last last night. She has minor fractures on her pelvis, which should heal naturally with no problem. She has facial lacerations and swelling.

There is much optimism for recovery, but I can't help be concerned that she hasn't regained consciousness yet.

A young, beautiful, 18 year old woman, who could be out doing most anything on a Saturday night, was leaving church last night when tragedy struck.

Hug your kids. Hug them again.

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