Sunday, January 08, 2006

No Power, No Gas

running on emptyI have a bad habit of avoiding gas stations until I am on "E". My jeep counts down the number of miles left on my tank of gas, and today I pushed it to just 3 miles left to go. On my way home from church I passed the road to my house and headed to the gas station.

I pulled up to the pump and got out of the car, inserted my card and waited for authorization. I couldn't see the LED display on the pump, so I looked real close and shaded it from the sun with my hand. I still couldn't see it and just then a man with a nasally, thick southern drawl yelled from the front of the store "they ain't got no power so ya ain't gonna get no gas!" I chuckled to myself at the whole "ain't got no" thing and said under my breath well, I ain't got no gas so I ain't gonna get home! LOL

I thought for a minute as to what I should do now. Was the station just without power, or was it the entire block? I went through the intersection back there and there was a light...or was there? Glad I was paying attention! LOL

I decided to travel further up the road and check other stations. Power was out everywhere. I was now down to 2 miles to go on this tank. I was on the commercial strip of the little city where I live and gas stations abound...unfortunately, without electricity the quantity of choices is limited.

I drove another quarter mile and yay! There was power and a station where I could get some gas! YAY! Whew! That was close!

It is a very windy day today. I think winds are sustained at aroun 15-20 miles with gusts up over 30-35. Other than the wind, it is a beautiful day...sunny and warm with temps around 65 degrees. I figured a tree went down on a powerline or something. As I traveled toward my house I was wondering if we had power.

Once I arrived, I realized that we had no power at the house. It is amazing how quiet a home gets with no power. One doesn't realize how used to the hum of the refrigerator we get, and the buzz of certain lights.

I waited in the quiet and wondered how long we would have to go without power...without the computer!? OH NO! Tragedy!

Katie and Justin returned home from church and we were all hungry. Justin was scrounging for food and popped some bread in the toaster. I waited to see how long it was going to take them to discover that there was no electricity. While Justin's bread was NOT toasting, he started to prepare something else to go into the microwave. I finally had to say "ummmmm, we have no electricity." Justin was not pleased since he was "starving"!

So, Katie had a solution!

grill's on!

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