Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reviewed: Jennifer Knapp "Live"

Read my review of the new "Live" CD from Jennifer Knapp at Click the link below: .no frills .no gimmicks .just reviews

It's raw, gritty, and real!

When Jennifer Knapp walked off the stage at her last performance years ago, she left a gaping hole in the hearts of her fans and in Christian Music in general. Fortunately, her music is her legacy and for now, we are all still able to enjoy it. I can’t deny that this “Live” album has stirred up more curiousity in me as to where she is, and what is she doing. Fans have been praying for her, praying she is living in God’s Grace, because “His Grace is Sufficient” with the hope that someday we will hear a new melody, a new verse from this talented “rocker chick”. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see her perform live in 2001 and got to meet her face to face to tell her “you rock!”.

Currently Knapp is still signed with Gotee Records and is officially on sabbatical.

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