Wednesday, January 04, 2006

OH NO! I Forgot the Kids!


Katie just called...I forgot the kids!!!

It's Wednesday, I am supposed to go get the kids at school.

I took a friend and ran an errand, ran another errand after dropping her off at home, and came home to enjoy the last few minutes of peace before the kids came home. It never dawned on me even after my last few minutes of peace turned into my last few HOURS! LOL

It wouldn't be so bad, but I forgot the kids we carpool with too! The little 1st grader must be panicked!

The holidays have my schedule all messed up!

I totally forgot I was supposed to pick them up!

So, why after an HOUR did they just now call someone?

This is why I am a "not the mom".

I feel bad.

Oh well, it made a memory..."hey, Sue, remember when you forgot to pick the kids up from school?" LOL

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