Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So There I Was...

So, there I was driving down the road in my car one evening. I was on a road that I had not driven before, yet somehow it felt familiar, deja vu almost.

The sun was setting on the horizon before me and I rounded a curve to the right that was on a slight incline. After the crest of the hill, the road began a gradual descent.

To the left, on the hill, I noticed a large modern building with black-tinted windows that reflected that last drops of sun in the twilight. The sign out front said "First Baptist Church".

I continued driving down the road and as I turned to face front again, I was immediately immersed in water. I was frantic when I realized I had driven off the road into the water of the bay.

My speed, maybe 45-50 mph, did not slow when I hit the water and I remember being puzzled by that. I continued at that speed as my car was sinking quickly and water surrounded my car on all sides.
I noticed the creaking of the metal and cracking plastic as the pressure started to build and crush inward. I started plotting my escape, knowing I would not have enough strength to break the window or open the door, I simply hoped that once the increasing pressure caused the car to be crushed, that the window would break and I could somehow escape as water began to rush in.

I remember thinking I sure thought I would feel more frightened at my moment of death. I'll be with Jesus soon.

I started to try to breath in deeply just in case the window cracked and would allow for me escape. I was thinking if I do manage to get out, I will still have a long swim to the surface. I hope my air holds out. I wish I could just be dead and not have to suffer through asphyxiation.

I kept sipping air hoping to keep my lungs inflated in case I had an opportunity to escape my sure drowning. I was amazed that for the most part I was still dry because very little water had seeped into the car yet. I found that quite bizarre.

Then I was awakened.

I dreamt that days ago and can't shake it.

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