Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Update on Holly 01/31/06 AM

There really isn't much to report. Holly's condition has not changed, it is just a waiting game now. The family is exhausted and Dave and Jeanie did go home last night and are now forcing their energies on getting life into some type of normalcy again, a "new normalcy". There are two siblings at home to consider here as well, and Marie (13) and David (14) need mom and dad. Madeleine, the eldest daughter is married and currently residing in Florida. Holly Gushee

I thought I'd post a picture of Holly so you can put a face to the name you are praying for. Also, you can visit Holly's Xanga or her Myspace and learn a bit more about who you are praying for. Holly is a very special young woman, and I can't help but think God has a plan for her even through this. This all has been shocking to those of us who know the Gushee's, but none of this is a surprise to God.

It seems David (14) is dealing ok, although he has always kept to himself, so it is hard to tell how he is coping. Marie is having a difficult time because of the attention given to her. She is experiencing the phenomenon of everyone now wanting to be her friend and her true friends are having to be "crowd control" at school. Marie keeps trying to "rest" her mind by thinking about things other than her sister, but with everyone meaning well and coming to her to offer "support", they just keep reminding her of the situation and her mind doesn't have a chance to rest. At school yesterday, apparently Marie got to the breaking point, plugged her ears and screamed for people to get away.

This kind of reminds me of Miss JoAnn Roe a woman in our church experienced the sudden death of her adult son in a car accident late last summer/early fall. JoAnn was in SaLT group a few days later and when we asked what we could do she responded "I want everyone to ignore me." We told her we would, and we did, but that we were praying for her. I think Marie needs people to just ignore her and pray for her and her family right now.

Tiffany and Marie are like sisters. They have basically been growing up together since the Gushee's entered Katie's life five years ago. The Gushee's are amazing people and this is one of those situations where you can't help wonder "Why, God, why? Why them?"

Five years ago the Gushee's committed to taking Katie's kids every other weekend to give the kids an opportunity to experience healthy family living. They remained committed to that until recently when lives in both families just got too busy, but as a result, Katie and her kids are like family with the Gushee's. Dave Gushee has been Katie's counselor through her divorce and that family has just been an amazing support system for Katie.

Marie and Tiffany have always been the best of friends, you know the kind of friend that you are so close with, yet can fight with like a sister!

Marie and Tiffany have always been the best of friends, you know the kind of friend that you are so close with, yet can fight with like a sister! LOL They are like sisters, so this situation with Holly is affecting Tiffany pretty hard, all the while she is trying to help Marie cope. Holly is Marie's hero, and Holly is just the kind of sister to admire. Katie is trying hard to gauge if Tiffany is around too much. Katie and Jeanie are close friends and meet for tea often, maybe twice a month to just chat about life and enjoy their friendship. This whole thing is hurting Katie because she knows it is hurting one of her best friends so much. I have to say, Dave and Jeanie are coping and are dealing with the situation at hand very well, although they are exhausted. It is just so hard to know what to do to help the ones you love sometimes.

There will probably be nothing new to report until Holly wakes up, and from all indications, it might be awhile yet.

Keep on praying please.

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