Saturday, January 07, 2006

Something I Dislike About Being Older and Wiser

I am 20-19 years old. I don't feel 20-19 years old. I feel 19 years old. Well, not physically.

Physically I am 20-19 years old. I had major back surgery when I was 24 years old and the years of agony prior wore me out. I can walk now, that's a good thing and I'm basically pain free, but all that took a toll on my body. I haven't been the same physically since.

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. There is something weighing heavy on my mind, and it has been for awhile.

There is something that I dislike about being older and wiser, and it is the fact that young people make mistakes and all I can do is watch.

It's not so bad to watch some of the minor mistakes, you know, things like getting a speeding ticket or having a fender bender, or maybe skipping class and getting a detention for that. Being older and wiser means that we understand growing pains and that life experience teaches great lessons. No, it is the major, life-altering mistakes that I hate watching young people make.

My heart hurts when I see young people, especially those once so on fire for Christ, turn from Him and try to live life on their own, without regard for the life God created for them. Being older and wiser simply means that I see a future for these young people of heartbreak, a life that is flailing, and the possible consequences for poor choices that will not only affect themselves, but those that love them too. They are blinded to the life before them, but the older and wiser can "see" what the future may hold for them, either from personal experience, or by having seen it happen time and time again.

Something I dislike about being older and wiser is that when I see a young person making mistakes, after all that can be said is said, and all that can be done is done, all I can do is watch. Stand by and watch. Watch from a distance maybe. It hurts just the same...I hurt for them. The young live life for the moment, but, I see a moment in time before them when their world will most likely come crashing down.

Why don't they listen? Why can't they see?

Something I dislike about being older and wiser is that when I pray for younger people and hope that they come to realize the error of their way, I know that they will most likely have to fall and hit rock bottom first. I want them to turn before it is too late, but still feel as though they have to hit bottom before looking up just like the prodigal son, who squandered all his money and partied his life away, did not see his error until he was yearning to eat food set before pigs.

What will it take? realizing you are rarely sober? an overdose? unexpected pregnancy? disease? jail? abuse? adultery? bankruptcy? depression? losing your family? friends? near death experience? losing your integrity? or will you have to crave the slop that is given to the pigs?

Something I dislike about being older and wiser is having to watch young people make a mess of their lives and not being able to stop it.

All I can do is watch and wait.Jesus hug

Wait and watch.

And pray.

God must hate watching too and so merciful is He, He will forgive and is waiting to take anyone back who is willing to turn to Him! He'll give you a clean slate! A brand new life!

Something I DO like about being older and wiser is being able to say that I'll be here when they come "home".

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