Sunday, January 29, 2006

Update on Holly 01/29/06 Midday

It was announced at church this morning that Holly's head trauma condition was again upgraded to an 11 (on a 15 point scale). In talking to her dad a few minutes ago though, he indicated that he doesn't understand why the doctor changed the level because he doesn't see a change in her responsiveness at all.

Also, in addition to the minor fracture in her pelvis, it was discovered that she has a broken tailbone and most likely use a walker for a month or so in recovery.

Northbrook Church is praying as a family united. We've prayed together for a long time, and we have seen miracle healings, and have also shared in a lot of suffering and heartache. We will continue to shoulder one another's burdens and love each other through it all. God is in control. To Him be all praise, honor and glory!

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