Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Most Embarrassing Moment

I don't know why I just remembered this, but I thought I'd share a moment from my life that was most embarrassing.

Katie and I spent the night at a hotel one night as we traveled to Iowa. We entered the elevator to make our way to the lobby to check out and on the way down, the elevator stopped to pick up more people.

A family of four joined us for the decent and with this young couple were two young and very rambunctious little boys. These parents obviously had their hands full with these two boys running all around and exploring everything around them.

Katie made mention of the fact that they are probably never bored chasing their sons around and I, noticing that the women was pregnant with #3 said, "Wow! You must love this since you are having more!"

The embarrassing part comes when the woman replied, "oh no, we will NOT be having more!"

* I felt myself start to turn red and feel very warm and uncomfortable.

She wasn't pregnant! I might have well said "Wow! You sure are fat, you look like you are 8 months along!"

We were stuck in the elevator, I couldn't escape! Talk about awkward silences!

This is why I am an introvert...staying away from people helps me avoid the whole foot in mouth thing!

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