Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Update on Holly 01/31/06 Midday

Holly's head trauma has officially been updated to an 11! That is good news!

Jeanie reports that Holly opened her eyes for a "significant" amount of time this morning, a few moments, and that Jeanie asked "are you in pain" and Jeanie says Holly weakly "nodded" a "yes" with a strained expression on her beaten and bruised and stitched up face. It was only a moment, but it was a moment that offered some hope.

The pain meds she is on is probably keeping her pretty sedated too. It was encouraging news that Holly apparantly heard and responded to verbal stimuli. They are going to try to sit her up later today.

Katie did get in to see Holly today. She said Holly is pretty cut up and stitched up on one side of her face, but nothing that will make her look disfigured or anything. Katie said even in the shape she is in, she looks so beautiful.

Praise the Lord for this report!

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