Saturday, August 07, 2004

Woohooo! That's Why I'm a Musician!




Tonight, I joined the Johnny Cash Band on stage and played on Ring of Fire! IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!

One of the most exciting parts of this experience was how the guys in the band treated us. They were so appreciative that we were there to help them out. When I showed up today, Bob Wootton said "oh, I'm glad to see you!" What a greeting!

WS Holland was also very happy to have us there, and Dave Roe (bass) said he was glad we were there too.

I sat around backstage while some other bands finished up. Then the Cash Band went on stage. I sat there mentally rehearsing through the chart before we got on stage with the band. We watched the playlist and then knew it was time to head out. The audience was ready to go and anticipated Ring of Fire because it's the show stopper!

The spotlights were shining on us, and Bob said "Whenever you are ready!" and with a nod Dave started walkin' the bass and away we went! I played my heart out and loved every minute! The crowd loved it! The band likes to pick the tempo up a bit from the recording, and puts a little "fire" into it. At the last chord the audience jumped to its feet and cheered! IT WAS SO FUN!

We exited the stage to loud cheering and the band members again seemed pleased with our performance! WS came over and gave me a big huge hug and Bob did the same! Woohoooo! I was amazed that these "legends" were so humble, and so gracious to us! They made me feel like the star! ...and I only played for a total of one minute! LOL

Well, it sure was fun and it ranks up there with one of the highlights of my music career! It's these kind of moments when the adrenaline rushes and everything clicks into place that makes being a musician so awesome! Woooo! I LOVE IT!

I called Mom and Dad to share my joy and they were exstatic too! Mom asked, "so, did you get any pictures at the festival with that new digital camera?" and I had to say "no". I can't help it, I'm just not the autograph and picture taking type...although the other night someone asked for MY autograph! LOL I said "ummmmmmm, I'm playing trumpet for about one minute" and I was told "she wants everybody who performs to sign her shirt! So, I did! LOL

I wonder if my signature will go for anything on Ebay?

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