Sunday, August 08, 2004

Cute Kid Eh?

Boy, Katie has some beautiful kids!

Here are a couple pics of her daughter.

Me and Katie's boy in line for My Fair Lady. (We were having fun embarrassing Tiffany by acting really strange...which is what we do best!)

Here is Northbrook Church...I call it "home". I love it there! This was a "drive by" on our way to the play the other night. Actually, the "Gathering Place" is behind the portable office building that we recently added to the campus due to growth.

My $20 Pocket Digital Camera, that is about the size of a credit card, may not take the best pictures in the world, but I'm still having fun with it!

OH MY! I just went to the Logitech site to grab a pic of my $20 camera and found it listed here, FOR $149.95!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY GOT A DEAL! Wait, that can't be right...ok, this is not the same model as my camera...mine has half the memory, BUT STILL! Woohooo!

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