Friday, August 06, 2004

$20 Digital Camera Fun

Would you believe this is my assistant manager?

When I arrived at work today, I noticed that some price changes had been done. Impressed as I was that they were actually done and that I didn't have to do them, I also noticed that a Logitech Pocket Digital Camera was marked down...from &59.99 to $19.99. I thought, for $20 I'll give it a try. I splurged on my birthday and bought myself a gift!

Here's me excited to have a Veggietale B-day card from my staff!

Unfortunately my mom and dad will see me wearing my old glasses because my new ones were being remade. Thanks for my birthday glasses Ma and Pop! I got them back and can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Not bad for a $20 digital still captures the memories!

My staff through me a "party" today. I really appreciated it and now I need to blog the memory.

Mary asked "I can't find the movie How Deaf Can You Be" I replied "How dead can you be? How death can you be?" and she said "NOOOOOOOO! How DEAF can you be?" (I thought I was being funny! Anyway, I asked if the computer said we had it and she told me that it says we have one and that she couldn't find it. I went with her over to the VHS wall and attempted to find this movie, all the while saying "I've never heard of this movie. I don't think I've ever seen that movie in here...blah, blah, blah."

Suddenly the music stopped playing and Mary called over to Misty "Hey! What are you doin'? Is that for a customer?" and Misty aknowledged that it was. We sometimes will play the music in the store so a customer can verify that it is the right song they are looking for.

So, this kid type music starts playing, some rhyming poem about a donkey, and Misty was fishing for a particular song. I listened to a few stanzas of the poem on my way back to the cash wrap after unsuccessfully attempting to find that How Deaf Can You Be movie. As I rounded the corner, the poem stopped midway through a rhyme, so I finished it by saying "tail". Misty laughed and then the Happy Birthday song started to play as I was just beginning to ring a sale. Then I look and Danielle is walking toward me with cupcakes, and candles lit and all. My staff all wished me a happy birthday and we all laughed. Wasn't that sweet! They gave me a Veggietale card that I adore! I love most all things Veggie...except of course for actual food! LOL

They also gave me a pass to go see the movies! YAY! Wonder what I'll go see? Hmmmmmmm...any ideas?

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