Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Are Selfish Creatures

Deb and I had excellent conversation over dinner. I LOVE GOD TALK! She shared about how she is praying for a servant's heart.

She also shared an experience that left her feeling ashamed. A couple in her church with two young children were missionaries in the jungle on the other side of the planet. The wife was pregnant and the husband had contracted malaria. The couple was leaving their mission due to circumstances and the health issues and were coming home to the states so he could get medical help and she could have the baby here. The pastor told the congregation of the need they had for a home to live in temporarily and to have some sort of reliable transportation.

Deb had this situation heavy on her heart and one day called the church. She told the church secretary that there had to be something she could do, she could help financially and "maybe if we all pool our resources...". The secretary then told Deb not to worry, it was all worked out. Deb, surprised and relieved and ashamed.

Ashamed? Yes, she said "I have a house, I could give it up for awhile and go live with my mom. But I didn't. I wouldn't. I have my house and I have it set up like I like. I don't want kids running around messing that up."

I said "that is what many Christians struggle with. It's easier to write a check than it is to step outside our comfort zone."

We talked about how selfish we are as humans. At one point she mentioned that basically we have to learn to surrender our "right" to our house, our money, our stuff...step outside our comfort zone! I thought, how true, because really we have no right to anything. All is His.

We have no right to anything. All is His. All.

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