Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Home Again

I'm back home from my Ohio visit. Drove ten hours straight to get there, and ten hours again today to get home.

I had a very nice time at the family reunion on Sunday. I got to see my sisters, my one year old neice, and my uncles, and other people I had never met before that I am related to. Interesting. I even played some Bocci Ball. I never played Bocci Ball before so that was interesting. We created a cheer for our team, we were red, we would just cheer BOCCI BOCCI BOCCI BOCCI BOCCIIIIIIIIIIIII! getting increasingly louder with each BOCCI and augmenting the last "I"! We were so weird. Red dominated the entire game, match, or whatever it is in Bocci Ball. It was a very challenging course too, with hills and ditches, high grasses, trees and various other obstacles to avoid on the course!

I drove my sister Dawn to the airport on Sunday evening after the reunion, so we had some time together to talk. That was nice and I enjoyed our visit.

On Monday my mom and I basically hung out together playing on the computer and sitting on the swing chatting. Dad insisted on watching his broken tv that only has a viewable picture about 40% of the time. Gram played some solitaire and was reading her books as usual. I'm convinced that she read every single book in the Hinckley Public Library when she lived there, and I'm sure she has made a huge dent in the collection at the Medina Public Library since moving with my parents to that town.

On Tuesday mom and I busted open the computer to see if we could correct a problem it was having. She had mentioned to me a couple of months ago this problem she was having with the computer "revving". I got to experience that first hand! I was surfing the Net when suddenly the fans on the computer started making a heck of a lot of noise! It reminded me of a jet airliner getting ready to take off! I backed away from it, I thought it was going to blow! Mom said "it does that". I said "interesting". So, it would continue to do this throughout the time I was playing around on her PC, and then I noticed an odor. "What's burning?" I asked. Mom couldn't smell anything. I said "I bet it's the computer overheating."

So, yesterday I opened up the computer and mom and I proceeded to use Emminent Domain to force the dust bunnies to find new residences. Our goal was to complete the task before Dad came home from his haircut appointment. We didn't think dad would take too well to walking in on some major PC surgery. We got her put back together and started her up. In walked Dad. Whew! Success! Dad didn't catch us and the computer issue was fixed! It was overheating. Computers need proper ventilation! Dust bunnies kill.

Yesterday afternoon I met with Deb. She is the personal responsible for leading me to Christ...well, a lot of people were, but she was the catalyst, the tool God used to draw me to Himself. Everytime I go home I make it a point to see Deb.

We had great conversation over dinner. She shared all about what God is doing in her life and how she is praying for a servant's heart, and to be content in all situations. Oh, it was such neat conversation!

Last night I spent some more time playing "Bookworm" with my mom online. We had fun and became Supreme Archivists! Woohoooo!

I woke up early and drove ten hours to get home in time for bible study tonight. We had such great conversation that we didn't get through the entire weeks worth of the study...oops. There's always next time!

So, I'm home and have a pretty large agenda for tomorrow regarding errands and checking into business opportunities.

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