Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm Not For Sale

I'm not for sale, but if I were I'd cost $1,593,542.00. Good. I'm glad that's settled. Actually, I'm quite surprised that I am worth that much to mankind. Thanks to Susan for the link.

I am most concerned with how much I am worth to God.

I am worth more than rubies.

I am worth more than many sparrows.

Am I really worth those things to God? I try to be a good person, but sometimes, probably most of the time, I am not. I am so unworthy of His love. It is simply because God created me in His image, because of His Love, that I have worth.

$1,593,542 sounds pretty good to me! And Katie is worth even more! She tops out at $1,662,530.00. (Hey, wonder what's up with that!?) What makes a person worthy to man? or to God?

Fact is, I am not worthy of God's love. If I love my mom and dad more than Him, I am not worthy of Him. If I don't "take up my cross" I am not worthy. Heck, John the Baptist didn't consider himself worthy to untie Jesus' sandles, so who the heck am I? There is no one that is righteous. We all fall short of the glory of God.

So, mankind would actually pay $1,593,542 for me. It is easy enough to write a check, but what if man had to really sacrifice? What if man had to die for me? Mankind would buy me, but would it die for me? Am I worthy enough to die for? I bet not. Do I have so much worth that another person would actually die in my place? Do I have so much worth that it is more important for me to live, than for that person to live? The world says "no" without a doubt, but, what is interesting is that someone did die for me.

The "world" says "no", I am not worthy, but the Creator of the world said "yes".

In filling out the questionairre that "determined" my worth, I noticed that it didn't really focus much on personality or character. That is all God cares character. My heart. He doesn't care the color of my eyes, how much money I make, or what kind of car I drive. All that matters to Him is that I have a relationship with Him and that I allow Him to transform my heart to His. That my character develops into that of His Son. That's what he looks at to determine my worth.

THAT IS SCARY! He's looking at my heart?!?

How does He measure my character? How does He know my heart? I look over those Ten Commandments and think to myself I break every single one of them daily. I am sooooooooo not worthy.

What is so interesting, and somewhat a dichotomy, is that it is my unworthiness that makes me worthy. Compared to God, nobody is worthy. When God looks at me, He doesn't see my unworthiness. He sees His Son. He sees me through the eyes of His Son who makes me Holy. Woohooo! Jesus creates in me a clean heart.

So, even though I am not good, not worthy, Jesus paid waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than $1,593,542 for me!!

Are you good? <--- interactive flash presentation (hat tip to Shanktified! for the link.)

I'm not for sale, because I have already been bought! <--- really neat flash presentation!!!

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