Thursday, August 12, 2004

Is God Doing Something?


The church has asked me if I would consider being on the Management Team. The Management Team is mainly responsible for the financial well-being of the church, and has some other duties as well. It is a three year committment and will conflict with one of my brass ensemble rehearsals once every month. My first reaction is "no, I don't want to do this" but I am seriously considering it. I'm praying about it and talking to other people about this decision because I don't want what I want, I want what God wants. It may be an opportunity to use the Spiritual Gifts he has given me.

I've also had a business proposition. I have had this "dream" of owning my own book and music store for Christians. I imagine a place to hang out and talk over coffee, listen to live Christian bands (they are more entertaining than dead ones), lectures possibly, book signings, bible studies, maybe even an Internet Cafe type thing. If it grew maybe even a "dance club" for Christians, and I even think about the possibility of housing a radio station studio. I envison it as sort of a Borders Books and Music for Christians.

The owners of a local bookstore franchise are retiring come January when the lease is up and are willing to sell the business for the price of inventory only. They have put their heart and soul into this business for years are want to see it continue and succeed, so they are also willing to work with the new owners during the transition, and help keep it going strong. A young man from church approached me about possibly going in on this deal as partners. I said "I don't know anything about owning my own business!" He said "but, you know how to manage...I'm good at starting things!" So, I said "hmmmmmmmmm, well, we need to learn more about this. When I get back from vacation, I will call you and we can set up a meeting with the current owners and learn what we can about this." So, next week, we will meet and discuss possibilities and see what God is doing.

Also, God is working in the area of my framily. I have attended a couple parenting seminars and have been praying about my relationship with Katie's daughter. We were doing better for a couple of weeks, but it's back to a bit strained. I do know God is working in this area, so I'm continuing to try to stay in His Will. I have a huge responsibility to this special framily that God has given me. I do not take it lightly and want to do the best I can do. I fail too much.

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