Thursday, August 26, 2004


As I read my devotion for the day, I read about a Russian couple who adopted 9 handicapped children from an orphanage. Just a few years ago, this story would not have moved me the way it did today. I keep praying for God to help me to love Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength ( see Mk 12:30). I have found that in answering this request, the biggest change I have experienced is in the area of compassion.

I was overwhelmed when I read this particular story. I was moved to tears. This couple never knew if the children they loved ever loved them back because the children were incapable of expressing love. Nevertheless, the couple loved and cared deeply for each child with the same dedication they had for their own 6 children. It made me think of Mother Teresa and how close to Jesus she must have walked every moment of every day. It made me ponder how as Christians, when we make our goal to become like Christ, we can't help but be filled with compassion for a world so desperately in need of His love. We are the window to that Love.

I find that in my personal walk with God, the more I pray and reach for that goal to be like Christ, the more my heart is broken and filled with desperate compassion for those who are suffering. Christians can not reflect Christ without experiencing an overwhelming sense of compassion for those in need. After all, the sacrifice our Savior made for us is the epitome of compassion. He set the perfect example of what being a Christ follower is all about. He taught us love in the most complete form. Christ is compassion defined.

I want to continue to walk in His light so that I can be a beacon to this very dark and scary world. I want others to see Christ through me. "When we walk in His light, the lost will see Him more" (Point Of Grace).

Father, thank you for all the trials, struggles, and times I have spent in the fire as you have been molding me into your image. I want to be a clear reflection of you and I can't do it without the fire. Thank you for never leaving me and for watching ever so carefully as you continue to purify me. Let me be a light to the lost.

In Jesus Name,


This is a repost. The original was from August 16.

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