Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Kids Don't Think Like Adults

Kids don't think like adults. Kids dont' think like adults. Kids don't think like adults.

I have to remember that kids don't think like adults. Katie says that I keep expecting them to, and this gets me stressed out.

Then she gave me a little story to read out of a devotional about how kids see things differently and simply want to enjoy life. While they liesurely enjoy the summer by reading, watching movies, snacking, playing video games and doing whatever it is that entertains kids these days...I stress myself out wanting the tv turned down (we must respect the others in the house who are NOT watching the movie), the recliners put back upright (I dont' understand why they constantly leave the chairs reclined...they are harder to get out of that way!) when they leave the chair, the snack packages either put away or thrown away. Peace. I want peace and order. With kids, there is little of either and sometimes IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!

The devotional says that I am the one getting stressed out about the "little things in life" and that if kids grew up around furniture that was not allowed to be used and was covered in plastic, or rooms that weren't allowed to be used, that as they grow, they are more likely to want to get out of the house fast! (Isn't that what we want too? LOL) The house should be a place that one feels comfortable "letting their hair down".

I agree to some extent...but, there is a purpose for order. I find comfort in order. Kids do to...and this is evidenced by the fact that when they trash their bedroom, they move to another room in the house...a room that starts out neat and in order!

Interesting that on the very next page, the devotional tackles the subject of responsibility. Isn't part of bringing up kids to teach responsibility...like respect for other peoples things? Like putting recliners upright when you aren't sitting in them anymore, so the next person to use the chair doesn't have to "dive" in. That is what helps make a home comfortable if you ask me!

So, I'm stressed, and Katie is feeling like she is not doing her job as a parent. I think that I do get stressed out about things I shouldn't, so to some extent I have taken that devotional reading to heart. Katie is a great parent, and she has two beautiful, wonderful, God-fearing kids who sure do put up with a lot from me!

I am praying that God help me to entrust Him with the little things in life, and not allow myself to get all worked up about things.

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