Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Running Ragged

Today was one of those days where it seemed like I was working so hard, running ragged, and accomplishing very little.

Today is prep for new release Tuesday. I spend all day receiving the new CD and DVD titles, I prepare them by putting all the necessary stickers and such on them, I get them ready to be signed on the sales floor, and then at close put them all out.

Earlier my DM mentioned on the conference call that he would be visiting my store tomorrow...today actually since its 1:30am. That was NOT good news. My store has a bunch of loose ends that need tied up and tidied up before that visit, but I DON'T HAVE TIME! I didn't start to panic, but business today was rather brisk. That is a good thing since traffic is returning after the abduction at the mall in May and then the shooting in June.

Anyway, the crazies were out today! We were selling tickets left and right and it just seemed that people were extremely "needy" today, more than usual. They asked many time-consuming questions and knowing how much I needed to get done made me a bit impatient. My associate and I tried to remain calm, but it seemed like we were on candid camera or something with some of the off-the-wall questions and requests we were getting! LOL

We were breathing heavy and sweating we were working so hard! The phone wouldn't stop ringing and it was like we were running in place!

At one point I was attempting to find a specific show for a woman and was having difficulty looking it up on the computer. I apologized for taking so long, and it started to just become funny to me. It was ridiculous that I had yet another time consuming issue with all I had to get done tonight. I started to laugh. My associate was wondering what was going on with me! She said "Are you losing it?" LOL I had to put the phone down because I was laughing so hard! I did finally get the woman her information and apologized for taking so long and she was laughing at me laughing so hard! LOL

Finally we had a bit of a breather. About ten minutes before we closed my associate and I happened to be at the counter when a man approached. We asked what we could help him with and he asked "Do you have an Scandinavian imports?". Danielle turned to look at me and we both started cracking up! The guy had no clue why that question was so funny, so I had to explain that we've just had a real interesting night and someone asking about Scandinavian imports was the LAST thing we expected! LOL

Oh, I am glad tonight is over, but now I need to go in early in the morning to try to clean up the store a bit before my DM arrives. BAD TIMING! It's too hard to get ready for a visit on a Monday when everything else needs to get done too!

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