Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pines of Rome

I got some snail mail today from the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.  It appears that my trumpet playing is needed for the program in September and also for the Christmas Pops Concert.  Woohooo! 

When I saw Resphighi Pines of Rome on the program for this concert season, I was holding out hope that I'd be invited back to play the off-stage part...and I was!  I performed this piece in college at the University of Akron School of Music at EJ Thomas Hall.   I remember during rehearsal, before we realized that there was such a delay problem, that the conductor was VERY upset with us.  Red-faced, shaking his baton and on the verge of a rampage he yelled something up to us.  He was German and spoke with such a thick accent that I really had no clue what he was yelling, but I knew it had something to do with our "performance".  We all did the best we could to adjust to the delay and anticipate the beat so we sounded in synch with the orchestra and apparantly did okay since we didn't get screamed at too much after that.  It is not easy to play ahead of where it sounds like you should be!  Pines of Rome is a beautiful composition and I will really get to wail at the end!  Woohooo!

Listen to the last part of the piece:

Pines of Rome     (Respighi "I Pini della Via Appia" from "Pini Di Roma"  Philedelphia Orchestra, Ormandy)

I never realized how spoiled I was attending that school in Akron.  I really had nice facilities to perform in.  Jackson has the Carl Perkins Civic Center, but it's not really impressive, in fact it's kind of dumpy.  Even a look at the outside doesn't say much about the building.  I always get upset at the way Jackson doesn't seem to appreciate the arts and have nice facilities for groups to play in and audiences to attend.  The "Ned", is a decent place where the community band recently performed, and where Katie will be making her Jackson acting debut in My Fair Lady, but it's a very small venue.  It is also across the street from the Greyhound bus station...I just think that is weird, that it's not located in a prime location in the nicest part of town.  Jackson just doesn't do a wonderful job of supporting the arts which is why it is not easy to get top name performers to come to town.  It is very exciting that Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan will be in town to play at Pringle's Park, our minor league ballfield which is one very nice place for the Diamond Jaxx to play.  I hope Jackson supports that at least!

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