Sunday, July 25, 2004

Parent's Room Poll

The results are in...I lose!

It seems more readers do not have a problem with kids in the parent's room than do by a margin of 11 to 5.

Donna, Susan, and Katie agree that the house is a home and children are welcome everywhere in that home.

While I do not strictly forbid children in their parent's room, I do think that the parent's room should be regarded as a respite for the adult. I do agree that the house is a "home" and along with that means access to any part of the house, but I disagree that the bedroom of any individual in the house is a place anyone and everyone should always be welcome. Permission should be required to enter a parent's room.

I believe that there is/are a place(s) for children in the home, and places for the adults. Children need to learn to respect the privacy of others, and that would most likely be respecting the "personal space", or room, of the parent. Without permission, a child should not be allowed in that room.

Just as a sister shouldn't trapse through their brother's room and play in it, nor should the child create a play area in the parent's room.

Many adults have dens, or offices in their homes that are off limits to children and I believe that is perfectly acceptable because there are important things in those rooms that are either personal, or are important documents that would risk being ruined if children were in there unattended.

Again, I don't think rooms should be forbidden to any child in their own home, but I do not think that the parent's room should be considered a play area like any other part of the home. They should be required to get permission before entering that room, just like I myself knock at the doorway to the kid's room. It's courteous and teaches children to respect the privacy, and the personal space, of others.

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