Sunday, July 18, 2004

It Is a Sad Day

Today is a sad day.


I've had to do something, and it wasn't easy.  My watch broke and so has my purse. 


Time for a new watch.  Why is it so difficult to find a watch?  I'm not too picky.   I just want this watch: 


... only slightly smaller like a ladies watch should be.  Can't find one.  So, I've been wearing a men's watch for years now.   Katie laughs because when I get all fixed up for the symphony, I have this big huge man's wrist watch on!  LOL  She also finds it bizarre that I wear it with the face of the watch on the underside of my wrist.  She tells me it's backwards, I don't see why it matters.  Hey, it tells time...that's what I need!  I figure many women wear big gaudy least the band on my wrist has a practical function!  Today, I bought myself a replacement.  It works.


Then the other tragedy of the day was my purse.   I have specific things I like about my purse.  I like it small.  I like it to fold open so that I have easy access to my ATM card and that my license can be kept in a window that is visible to people when they ask to see ID, which, unfortunately rarely occurs.  It's unbelievable that I can use my card for a large $$ purchase, and my ID is not requested.  Bothersome.  Anyway, my purse must also have a nice pocket for my sunglasses that is easy to get to...usually the cellphone pockets on purses these days work really well for that.


So, my search for a purse had begun because I wore my other purse out.   Velcro not keeping outside compartment closed so I kept losing my sunglasses.  Strap base pulling away from purse.  The biggest problem was that the snap that held the purse closed fell off and therefore my purse was not secure.  Not a good thing.


I searched for a purse the other day and didn't want to settle.  I decided to take it to the shoe repair person in town, but he was closed.  I have taken other purses and had them repaired, but it can't wait.  I decided to settle and bought a purse.  Maybe I will grow to like it, but right now I am settling.  I hate settling. 

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