Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nicaragua Mission

At SaLT group tonight, the people from Northbrook who went to Nicaragua on a mission trip last week shared about their experience.

When asked about the most memorable experience, a few shared about "the dump". This is a large garbage dump that people live in. Everyday people scrounge around in it for food, so do the animals...cows, and whatever else. It was a moving experience to watch these people and animals, with every rib visible through the skin, dig for food in "the dump". People live there! Under rocks, in all the filth! Yet, when one of the missionary pastors comes each week, he has them laughing and singing and playing games, like running in sack races. Yes, he gives them some food too, but he makes unannounced visits so that the townsfolk don't plan to come to the dump to get the food too. The food is for those who reside in "the dump". Nicaragua is a very poor country and hearing the stories makes me feel very blessed to have been born in America.


See some pics of "the dump":   (I image Googled for these links.  Some of the pics seem to be from professional photographers, so I just linked to them, rather than snag them.)


Stephen Petegorsky

Field Visits


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